the First channel to the date repeats documentary series “Marshals of Victory”. The film will tell about the knights of the Order “Victory”, the highest military award of the USSR. This order got the best of the best, those who commanded fronts and under whose leadership, our country has won the victory in the great Patriotic war. Marshals Zhukov and Vasilevsky, Konev and Rokossovsky, Malinovsky, and Meretskov, Govorov, Tymoshenko, Tolbukhin and General of the army Antonov. The “dazzling dozen” knights of the Order “Victory” forever entered the history of our country. In 1941 and 1942, the Red Army under their command stood after crushing defeats. In 1943, the year they turned the tide of the war and held a decisive offensive. In 1945 they took Berlin. In the first film is about five knights of the Order “Victory” Marshal Zhukov, Rokossovsky, Timoshenko, Malinovsky and Tolbukhin. The second film tells the story of five gentlemen – marshals Govorov, Konev, Meretskov, Vasilevsky and General of the army Antonov. In the film, attended the Era Zhukova (daughter of Marshal Zhukov), Robert Malinowski and Natalia Malinowska (son and daughter of Marshal Malinovsky), Natalia Koneva (daughter of Marshal Konev), Natalia Tymoshenko (daughter of Marshal Timoshenko), Igor Vasilevsky (son of Marshal Vasilevsky), Konstantin Rokossovsky – the grandson of Marshal Rokossovsky, Ariadna Rokossovskaya (great-granddaughter of Marshal K. K. Rokossovsky), and others.

channel, June 24, 01.15

the Concert of the Victory on Mamaev Kurgan will show the channel “Russia-1”. One of the main events of the gala celebration of the 75th anniversary of the Victory in the great Patriotic war and the Year of memory and glory. A solemn concert will take place at the foot of the main symbol of people’s heroism, the world – famous monument “the Motherland calls!” in Volgograd, which open for the first time after restoration. Concert Victory on the Mamaev Kurgan is a magnificent performance, an impressive video installation, wartime songs and poems about the people’s heroism, which will revive the memory of the heroic fate of defenders of the homeland, the joy of salvation of the world and pride of all Russian generations. Monument to Yevgeny Vuchetich brought a new look thanks to the unique visual effects. The concert will take part the all-Russian youth Symphony orchestra under the baton of Yuri Bashmet, Alexander Pakhmutova, Denis Matsuev, Igor Butman, Ildar Abdrazakov, Hibla Gerzmava, Konstantin Khabensky, Sergei Garmash, Sergey Bezrukov, Mikhail Porechenkov, a group of “lube”, Dima Bilan, Alexander Petrov, Ekaterina Shipulina, Irina Pegova, Polina Agureeva and other well-known and popular artists and musicians.

“Russia-1”, June 24, 21.00

On the channel “TV Center” on June 24 will operate holiday channel “Win – 75”. At 10.00 am will begin broadcasting a military parade marking the 75th ghodousi��e of Victory in the great Patriotic war of 1941-45. Then the premiere of the documentary “One Win – two hits.” He will talk about how September 7, 1945, Berlin hosted a Victory Parade. It was attended by representatives of anti-Hitler coalition – USSR, USA, England and France. The Berlin parade had become a symbol of the defeat of Germany and the victory of the allies in the Second world war. However, it so happened that several decades of him not actually remembered. Participants of the film: TV producer Sergei Medvedev, Evgeny Sechin, granddaughter of member of the Victory Parade in Berlin on 7 September 1945 I. Sheremetova, Director of the Museum Park complex “Patriot” Vladimir hopko, the participants of the Victory Parade in Berlin on 7 September 1945, Vladimir Koltypin and Boris Sapunov, historians Sergei Karaulov, Matthias UHL (Germany), Vladimir Afanasiev, Nikolai Polikarpov, Ekaterina Gulyaeva, the daughter of a member of the Victory Parade in Moscow June 24 1945 Gulyaev. At 22.00 on channel will host the broadcast of the festive fireworks.

“TV Center”, 24 June, 6.00

the Premiere of the war drama “Operation “the Deserter” will be held on NTV channel. Spring 1944. Occupied Belarus. The command decided to carry out a diversionary operation that previously seemed impossible: according to Soviet counterintelligence in the occupied territories and the square of Z is a camp for captured Soviet soldiers and the penalty box of the Wehrmacht and the SS. Manages the camp commandant Colonel Blucher, and helps him to the young and daring captain Schultz. But there is in the camp of third force, which no one obeys, and fills you with horror, this is Colonel Oscar Dirlewanger. Counterintelligence Alexander Gromov prepares extremely risky operation “the Deserter”, which will be held in two stages. But the war is making hard changes in the plans of the group. In roles: Dmitry Melekhov, Vadim Lyalko, Veronica plyashkevich, Sergey Frolov, Sergey Kalantay, Victoria Levchenko, Yuri Filipenko and others.

NTV, June 24, 11.10

Sergey Puskepalis has played a major role in the historical detective “Alex Fierce”, which will premiere on the NTV channel. The story is based on real events and tells the story of the brutal Nazi war criminals Juhnovskim Alexandra, who earned the nickname Alex, is Fierce. The beginning of the 12-episode series brings the viewer in 1975. At his dacha outside Moscow killed a writer, prepares to release a book about a Nazi executioner Alex Fierce. Right before he dies he manages to tell his friend, the chief of special Department of the Ministry of internal Affairs on search of war criminals, General Peter Somov, amazing news: Savage, who was presumed dead since 1944, alive. To understand this case is assigned to Colonel Egor Sukharev. He discovers that a few weeks before the death of the writer has received copies of archival documents seizedx the patron Saint of Fierce Otto Kerner. The documents have disappeared, but among them was the Soviet Union’s picture of Alex’s Fierce, made in the era of the war, and a fresh letter to Koerner addressed to Fierce. The film also starred Dmitriy Mulyar, Vlad Konoplev, Alexey Kirsanov, Yuri Itskov and others.

NTV, 22 June, 21.30

every year on the 22nd of June in Russia marks Day of memory and grief. To this date, the TV channel “Russia” has prepared a special program: an entire week of feature and documentary films, programs and performances. From 22 to 26 June at 11.10 22.20 and broadcast a series of heroic adventure film “Variant “omega” (released in 1975) Anthony of Voats. Based on the novel of Nikolai Leonov and Yuriy Kostrov “Operation “Viking”. Cast: Oleg Dal, Igor Vasiliev, Irina Pechernikova and others. June 22-26 will be broadcast the film “the Guy from our town” (1942) based on the eponymous play by Konstantin Simonov. Heroic drama “Two soldiers” (1943) directed by Leonid Lukov. Musically-a poetic film “At 6 PM after the war” (1944) Ivan pyreva. Comedy “uncertain economy” (1946) Mikhail Zharov. The melodrama “the Actress” (1942) Leonid Trauberg and other paintings. Of the performances the audience will see the premiere of the TV version of the play “Instead of epilogue” of the Moscow theatre “Sovremennik”. This is the statement of Alexei Simonov five works of Konstantin Simonov – fragments of the novels “the Living and the dead”, “Soldiers are not born”, the story “Sophia L.” and two short stories “the Candle” and “Instead of an epilogue”, the show will take place on June 22 at 20.10. And on June 23 at 14.30 on the channel will show the performance of the Maly drama theatre – theatre of Europe “Life and fate” staged by Lev Dodin, the entry 2009. Viewers 25 June at 14.30 waiting for the play “One absolutely happy village” theater “Pyotr Fomenko Workshop”, staged by Peter Fomenko, recorded 2003. For the schedule of the screenings of numerous documentaries dedicated to the date, stay on the program channel.

the 75-year anniversary of the Victory Parade in the TV channel “Russia” the premiere of the documentary film “Victory. One for all” (June 24, 19.50), a documentary film “Memory” (June 22, 18.45), films “Cinema about cinema”, “John”, the project of Sergey Shakurov was “Russian character,” the concert “Favorite songs” and “Together in difficult times.” The objective of the premiere of the project “Victory. One for all”, which sounded military letters, to remind them that victory was possible thanks to the Association all over the world. In the film, attended the Pierre Richard (France), Malcolm McDowell (UK), Eric Roberts (USA), Sergey Nikonenko (Russia). Documentary film “Memory” directed by Eugene Bezborodov consists of six films.

the characters of the series – the pilot flying, honored architect of Uzbekistan Sergo Sutyagin, who used in his famous works oDenia image of cranes from a famous song to the words of Rasul Gamzatov, a legendary spy Richard Sorge and others. In the project “Russian character” (24 June, 9.30) – dramatization of excerpts of prose from the war years. The staging of the monologues sound scenes from the works “days of war” by Konstantin Simonov, “Life and fate” Vasily Grossman, “the Tree of the Motherland” by Andrei Platonov, “Russian character” of Alexey Tolstoy “the Accordion” by Alexander Tvardovsky. “Favorite song” (June 24, 18.20) – concert in the State Kremlin Palace. “Together in difficult times” (24 June, 15.45) – a concert of stars of world music and young performers, dedicated to the 75th anniversary of the end of world war II. The premiere took place on may 8 in the online form on the websites of the TV channel “Russia”.

the Project of the TV channel “Russia To” “Open Museum” continues its work. 22 June at 19.15 “Outdoor Museum” invites viewers to Moscow Jewish Museum and tolerance center. There is an exhibition “Unknown Berlin. May 1945”, dedicated to 75-th anniversary of Victory in the great Patriotic war. The project has collected more than 50 previously unpublished photographs. Authors shots – tactical operator Ilya Arons and Valeriy Ginzburg, well-known operator of movie. A tour of the exhibition conducted its curators – documentary filmmaker Elena Yakovich and Director of public programs, Jewish Museum and tolerance center Liya Chechik.

the Program of the Memorial Museum of Boris Pasternak will air June 23 at 19.15. The history of the house-Museum in Peredelkino viewers will introduce Dmitry Bak, Director of the State Museum of the history of the Russian literature of a name of V. I. dal, a branch of which is the Memorial Museum of Boris Pasternak.

“Russia”, on 22 and 23 June, 19.15

Channel “365 days TV” on June 22 will present several premieres. The first film – “Get a job”. In the center of the plot – the story of three brothers Kuprevicha. In June 1941, Lieutenant Alexei Kuprevich from Minsk sent to West Belarus, where in one of the villages wielding gang. But the war begins. The painting “Dnipro abroad” tells the story of the heroic defense of Mogilev. Documentary series “Without a limitation period” reveals many previously hidden secrets.

“365 days TV”, June 22

the RT and Digital business space have launched an interactive project, through which everyone can congratulate the veterans of the 75th anniversary of the Victory. Greetings will be shown on June 24 at the CCC media facades in Moscow. The action takes place in the framework of the international project RT #of Postponed. From 17 to 21 June on the facade of the Digital business space (street Pokrovka, 47) at first appears announcing the video: RT #of Postponed. Using a QR code, anyone can go to the website and leave a congratulation to veterans of the great Patriotic war. On the day of the Parade��food 24 Jun wishes and words of gratitude will be shown on the media screen.

In the project #of Postponed RT told the stories of veterans of the Second world war, inviting the audience to write letters to them. The editors of the TV station received hundreds of messages from Russia, Belarus, Germany, USA, China and other countries. Also RT has implemented digital special project #of Tranycypromine, which tells of the war at five setmediatime. On Twitter, the project team led the reconstruction of the events of 1945, dozens of historical characters published reports on the last months of the war. In Instagram RT has created an “Endless art” – young artists from the School of design Ranepa drew hundreds of illustrations for the lines of the wartime letters. RT recreated the historic moment of the picture, where Soviet soldiers hoisting the victory Banner over the Reichstag in 1945. For the reconstruction there were used all available photo made by a war correspondent Yevgeny Khaldei, on the roof of the German Parliament, and more than 40 other pictures of the building.