a Double disappointment suddenly tested more than 20 thousand Russian families who learned from the President that the new payment for children from 0 to 16 years will come automatic. The thing is that they will come not to all! But only to those who already receives monthly 5 thousand children under three years, or who received on account of the cherished 10 thousand – children from 3 to 16. Everyone else, still received nothing, will have to continue to prove their right to benefits, although many of them still don’t understand why they were denied the first time.

today in a virtual waiting queue languish thousands of parents who continue to receive rejection after rejection of their appeal: they have problems in documents, or there are contradictions with social services. What about them?

Recall, as the President promised, the Pension Fund of Russia in July will begin a one-time payment to the parents, adopters, guardians and caregivers of children from 0 to 16 years. The amount of 10 thousand rubles for each child.

— the Funds will be added to the monthly payment of 5 thousand rubles for children up to 3 years or a lump sum payment of 10 thousand rubles for children from 3 to 16, which APR and Jun families are listed according to the presidential decree of April 7, 2020 № 249 “About additional measures of social support of the families having children”, – said the “MK” the press-service of the Pension Fund.

Feature of the new payment is that it does not have anywhere to turn to. PF pizzaville will issue and transfer assets on the basis of decisions on granting benefits, which were promised to the citizens by the 1st of June. But parents and guardians who have not yet applied for the specified payment, will receive an additional 10 thousand soon after applying. This is more than three months – documents are accepted until September 30, inclusive.

as for parents and guardians who have been denied pay for this time, they will have to find out why it happened. They are meant to help chat-bot, who recently appeared on the official website of PF. You submit a question, indicating the number of your statements, and the first available consultant is responsible, in which there is a catch.

– All who are entitled to payments will receive them. Even if mistakes were made, we are working in manual mode. It is sufficient to apply to the Pension Fund at the place of residence, – said the press service of the Fund.

“For me and all my friends this was the rare occasion when it was very easy to apply and to receive payment, says psychologist and sociologist, President of the “Birth” of Evgeny Lomonosov. – When you already have a personal account on the website Services, many data appear in for��the implementation automatically. I think the problem occurs only in those who are deprived of parental rights, does not have citizenship or made a mistake in the number or the document number”.

“a Very common situation where the applicant indicates the name using the letter “e” and in the documents it is spelled with the letter “e”. The system then immediately generates an error – said “MK” the Deputy chief of Department of public relations and interaction with mass media of the Pension Fund of the Russian Federation Ekaterina Kapalkina. – Another failure comes when one of the parents is deprived of parental rights. The system cannot recognize who is the mother or father deprived of their parental rights and immediately fails. Every day professionals take on the “hot line” thousands of calls on the topic of payments to families with children. The pension Fund established a special e-mail service through which questions are accepted and produced by citizens advice. A lot of writing in the group’s Pension Fund in social networks. All statements that are not able to pass the test in the information system, accompanied by specialists of the departments manually. The applicant may not even be aware that his statement is now working, as the status on the portal does not change. The task of the expert to eliminate all possible interference that the system sent a statement for payment.