the head of the Crimea Sergey Aksenov said that the people from other regions entering the Crimea without a particular reason will have to pay for their two-week stay in Observatory. The decree published on the government website of the Peninsula. We found out that means “without known cause”, which will put such people and how much they will cost.

Sergey Aksenov at the beginning of April asked the Russians to refrain from visiting Crimea because of the pandemic. Request was both vacationers and those who are planning a trip for work. However, in the internal Affairs of the Crimea regularly report that the Peninsula “unreasonable” ride through the Crimean bridge. However, filtering those traveling to the Peninsula without good reason, is still at the checkpoint on the bridge. For example, it was reported that on the day the bridge in both directions crosses now, on average, 2,000 vehicles, and about 20 of them turns back. Those who rides, it is the residents of the Krasnodar region, working in the Crimea, and Vice versa. Ordinary tourists to break through these cordons difficult. But, apparently, someone manages.

“Enough. Tourists go. Understand. Dear citizens of the Russian Federation are waiting for you in the holiday season,” again notified the head of the Crimea in may. According to him, every such “pointless” visit an additional burden on authorities and the health care system. So now for the quarantine location will have to pay themselves.

If a person will not be willing to pay the whole amount at once, at the end of your stay in the Observatory in court will be sent to claims. And placing in quarantine of travel will have to pay the employer. This applies to builders engaged in the Republic in the shift mode, and also to employees of private companies are arriving business.

the press service of the Crimean government told who will be affected by the new rules and what is the cost of accommodation in Observatory.

Observatory will be paid not for everyone, but only for people arriving in the Crimea without any purpose.

– That is for tourists?

– We say “pointless”, that is, when the citizen himself makes a choice in favor of reason.

the decree States that we are talking about travel.

– we are Talking about those who work in shifts. The company shall within 7 days give notice of the arrival of their employees and to assume all the costs for their presence in the Observatory itself. This does not apply to officials of public authorities, who arrived for the exercise of authority, as well as the pilots and train drivers.

– whether to create additional Observatory?

– this speech is not. While we place on the basis of observation that have already been created in Yalta and Yal��.

help-MK: In Yevpatoriya are three of the Observatory – in sanatoriums “health Resort” Priboy and “Victory”, which, in total, can accommodate 800 people. In Yalta under the Observatory marked “Yalta city boarding house” with a separate closed area, and on the southern coast of Crimea – Spa hotel “Miskhor”.

the cost of a day?

– the Amount not yet written, but if they come of the funds that are now being spent on the maintenance of patients roughly can cost from 1200 to 1500 a day. Around these limits.