Greece is one of the least affected countries by the pandemic: according to official figures ill less than 3 thousand people, and the victims COVID-19 171 became infected. However, the impact of coronavirus on the Greek economy was much more powerful. The epidemic closed all the hotels and actually stopped all tourism. To save the season, the Prime Minister of Greece decided to lift restrictions – hotels will open its doors on 15 June. While recovering a ferry and air service to the Islands and opened a tavern.

From may 25 tourists from the mainland will once again be allowed to visit all the Greek Islands in the Aegean and Ionian seas, arriving as on ferries and planes. Since the introduction of insulation measures to the Islands could only be reached by those who live there permanently.

But now will remain known limitations: the ferries will be allowed to carry up to 50% of their usual passenger load. In the same cabin on the ferries can be only members of the same family.

will Continue strict security protocols to protect the health of all occupants – including temperature before planting and filling in special questionnaires to all passengers whose journey takes more than 30 minutes.

ferry Landing will not be permitted passengers with symptoms COVID-19, as well as those who had contact with an infected person within the last 14 days.

of course, it is assumed that all passengers in all areas and at any time must be observed the distance of 1.5 meters.

Also throughout Greece resumed work of public catering enterprises, which because of the restrictions previously had to offer customers dishes take-out only.

Restaurants are allowed to receive visitors in open dining rooms. The staff of the institutions have to work in masks and observe social distance.

Cafes and restaurants should provide distance from 70 cm to 1.7 meters between the seats at one table can be a maximum of six clients. In the internal space remains visitors allowed, only if they do not use there toilet.

not all food establishments that have permission to service on the street. So not all restaurants and cafes will open soon.

After the EU Ministers decided to do “everything possible for a quick and full recovery of European tourism”, the Greek government began to weaken measures aimed at combating coronavirus and to begin preparations for the opening of the tourist season.

Prime Minister of Greece Kyriakos Mitsotakis in a televised address to the nation said that the hotels will re-open on June 15. The head of the Greek government plans to “make this summer the epilogue of the crisis,” associated��wow with the coronavirus.

However, the opening of the hotels on 15 June did not mean that from this day, you can plan a trip to the picturesque Greek Islands. For people who do not have citizenship of the European Union, Greece will be opened only on 1 July, and – if not recorded new outbreaks in Europe.

Despite the desire to make the largest possible number of tourists, the Greeks will not violate the General EU rules restricting the entry into the Schengen area until the beginning of July. Similar position is shared by other southern “tourist” countries, such as Spain and Italy.

However, there is good news. The Greek government has decided to relax the conditions for foreign tourists. Now in this country reduced the tax on all types of transport (planes, ships and international buses) from 24% to 13%. This should have a positive impact on the price of tickets.

Another problem, which Greek authorities are trying to solve in the shortest time possible, was the need to test all arriving in the country, on the coronavirus. According to instruction, all visitors to Greece are forced to go into quarantine for a period of two weeks that in fact kills the idea of tourism as such.

However, already in the near future a significant relief of these restrictions. As an example, Greece could use the Austrian experience, at airports where arriving tourists can pass Express testing for coronavirus. In the case of a negative result, these people are exempt from having to comply with the quarantine. Such relief measures may come into force from 15 June – then Greece will be able to move tourists from the European Union.

the Greek Government is looking with optimism at the prospects of opening the country for tourism. The country was able to cope with the epidemic of coronavirus, not without suffering serious losses. For more than a month daily increase of cases does not exceed 50 people, and in recent days the number of sick was reduced to single digits.

It was noted by Prime Minister Mitsotakis. He promised that Greeks will “win the economic war just as have won the battle for health.” The President also remembered the famous Greek mythology, noting that Zeus has always been a patron of hospitality. “We have a great reputation – said Mitsotakis – and we’re going to set up sanitary protection in each tourist place.” The head of Greece is confident that his country will cope with the task to create a safe tourist environment in the coming months.