came Out “unscheduled” EP Paul McCartney. Although in the beginning he was not going to let him go. The ex-beatle thoroughly prepared the re-release of their tenth Studio album Flaming Pie, originally released in 1997. And this time he called Jeff Lynne of ELO, who also played when recording the disc. Recalled that on two tracks then behind the drums was Ringo Starr: to Really Love You and just Beautiful Night. And advised to call Ringo. This started with the story of an unusual new mini-album Beautiful Night!

In that moment, I thought about that a long time had not met Ringo in the Studio, told now Paul McCartney, but then decided that it would be nice working together again. And Starr not only recorded the drums and backing vocals, but also made some changes to the original version of the song in the process of jam-sessions and discussions in the Studio.

Improvised ex-Beatles in the Studio again and famously intricate, rock-n-roll. One of these jam-sessions, lasting almost nine minutes, just got in a mini-album, titled Oobu-Joobu Part.5.

– It was magic! As in the good old days of The Beatles! – Inspired sir Paul then gave this mini-album.

the other Three track EP Beautiful Night – original demo version of this song, recorded in 1995, an alternative version of the song Run Through and here was this new version of the titular hit the disk.

Sir Paul, sir Ringo starred in the new video for this song. The clip how the soul, so art, while simultaneously telling the story of an ordinary, but a good romantic and urban girls and caused music fans nostalgic feelings.

After all, McCartney and Starr play in new clip with his musicians and on the roof, causing an involuntary Association with the famous concert of The Beatles 1969 rooftop of the building, which was their Apple Records. This speech later became the basis for the cult film Let It Be, who received the award “Oscar” in the nomination “the best soundtrack”.