Passengers gave tips on the case of a fight on Board the aircraft during a pandemic coronavirus. Relevant comic recommendations after the brawl tourists because of medical masks on the KLM flight reporters De Speld.

So, first and foremost, travelers are advised to responsibly approach the choice of the opponent and other possible participants of the conflict — given that later it can be quarantined.

“Before the fight be sure to check with any of the sparring partners you are able to get along — it is possible that this will be the only people you will have to see in the upcoming vacation,” — stated in the text.

in addition, tourists in conditions of flash COVID-19 just before the physical confrontation should wash hands thoroughly, preferably with a disinfectant.

Finally, in the scuffle the authors of the article suggest not to use your palms and elbows, and if necessary use the surrounding objects to avoid extra contacts. “It is very important that you do not bite. Unfortunate, but it’s the only way to avoid that”, — concluded the journalist.

on 2 August it was reported that the passengers of the plane, carrying out flight to Ibiza got in a fight with refused to wear the mask of a tourist. To posted online video was seen as the crew tries to break up the fighting. Then one of the men threw him on the floor, others were asked to calm down.