A couple and one of their four children were hit by a wave on a dike on the coast of Brittany on Thursday and drowned.

The two adults were rescued by rescue workers on Thursday evening, attempts to revive them were unsuccessful, according to the French authorities. A few hours later, the body of the twelve-year-old boy was found.

According to authorities, the parents and child had climbed the dyke at Plogoff, near Cape Pointe du Raz on the western tip of Brittany, to go fishing. Three other children of the family, aged 13 to 15, who did not climb the dike, were unharmed. They were cared for by doctors and psychologists.

Eyewitnesses saw the family being hit by the wave and immediately called rescue workers. However, the rescue operation, including three helicopters, was unsuccessful. Authorities said there was “no explanation” for the tagögie. Although there were quite strong waves, the weather was not particularly bad.