a worldwide pandemic coronavirus infection is commonly identified with the economic crisis, however, not for all Russians, it is true – fortunately, many managed to keep my job and income, but the cost was much less disappeared spending on vacations, trips to the theatre, training in sports clubs. A reasonable solution today is to invest in a property that in the coming years will only grow in value and can generate income (for example, if you rent an apartment to rent). Even though the mortgage in this scenario will not become a bondage – many large developers, knowing the specifics of 2020 is ready to provide preferential credit terms for the purchase of apartments in under construction or recently completed residential complexes as well as other bonuses.

Today’s generation of adults who can afford to pay the Russians can compare with what’s happening outside the window, with all the other crises of the recent past – for example, events of 2014, 2008, or even the distant to default in August 1998. Experience shows that sometimes economic crisis is a good time to buy apartments for those who managed to preserve the existing level of income – after the return of life to normal offers on the real estate market is often less, and the prices soar. So now, in the midst of isolation, it is possible to carefully examine proposals from developers and choose the right – it would definitely be a better deal than the coffee maker for cappuccino, waffle maker or more than entertaining myself tired of the quarantine people.

my husband and I have long thought about buying another apartment: we have a daughter grows up, the bride, she needs to be their homes. Do not push in our bedroom when it becomes an adult! – says 42-year-old Olga. But could not be resolved. And then like all one to one. My husband is a doctor, he now gets a very substantial fee for work with patients with the coronavirus. We decided to save this money, and then add our savings – will get about one million roubles, this is quite enough for the first payment on “odnushku”. Will be a gift to the daughter!

the Federal and municipal surcharges – not the only one that can serve as a reason for physicians to think about buying real estate: developers, respecting the work of doctors in a difficult time, are going to meet and offer preferential conditions for the acquisition of housing. For example, GK FSK promises to provide doctors with the opportunity to buy an apartment in Moscow, the Moscow region, the Kaluga and the Kaluga region with a 10% discount is a good savings! We are talking about housing of different price categories, and spacious two-bedroom apartments for the whole family, and on a small Studio that can give children as a start in adult life��I. Doctors enough to present a certificate of employment – and receive a discount on housing: in this way the developers are trying to say thank you to those who came today to the forefront of the fight against novel coronavirus infection.

There are other benefit programs. As we remember, some airlines in April offered its customers a bonus for each day of isolation – part of the nationwide “Stay home!”. Construction companies followed by a positive example – for example, GC, FGC is offering all customers who decide to purchase a house in the midst of a pandemic, to charge cashback to 0.1% of the contract value purchase for each day of official isolation. Very beneficial for those who are anyway going to buy an apartment soon and I have accumulated the necessary amount to pay today, and after returning to the normal rhythm of life to receive a nice amount that can be spent on furnishing, fit-out or relocation. For example, if it is to buy an apartment for 6 million rubles for each day of isolation will receive 6 thousand, even if the high alert will be removed after a week, on your account will be 32 thousand rubles, “a gift.” A great way to maintain the morale of customers in difficult times. But for those who are preparing for a classic mortgage, there is a proposal created jointly by developers and banks. For example, GC, FGC has developed two programmes for almost a full Amnesty on interest payments until the end of 2020: in the framework of a single sentence, the interest rate will be 0.01% to the end of the year, within the other – 0,5%. In fact, the developer will assume all obligations for the payment of interest to banks. In the future, such loans will go under 6.5% per annum until maturity.

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