Russian theater and film actress, singer, model and TV presenter Nastasya Samburski has published on his page in Instagram post-revelation. The new publication, the artist complained of the meanness of those around her men. According to 33-year-old celebrity, she has to deal with the difficulties that she representatives of the stronger sex in the desire to assert themselves at her expense.

“”Love” men who measure causal places with the women,” wrote the star of “Univer”, noting that she had no “big”, strong, “uncle”, which could be separated from everything bad in this world, and to provide a happy, full life.

“I have a great difficulty to achieve their goals. But, unfortunately, I am surrounded by men who are happy to play this for all its failures and complexes”, — said Samburski, adding that every time to experience that it hurt and hard.

the author of the post wrote that for all demand and workload, she wants peace and care. Nastassja has expressed a desire without nerves work in your favorite profession, not “with sword at the ready to go into battle.”

“I’m tired of fighting. Do these “men” who assert themselves at the expense of women, from themselves not disgusted?”, — outraged Samburski.

Publish from Nastasya Samburski (@samburskaya) 26 May 2020 10:44 PDT

In comments to the publication fans of the artist sided with the favorite, but opinions about representatives of the stronger sex have them split up. Some felt that men are afraid of self-sufficient women. Others, however, are convinced that confidently stand on my feet gentlemen looking for a women to match. The followers are unable to give Nastasia universal recipe for happiness.

Also, members felt that this breakdown artist provoked Victor Drobysh. A week ago Telegram-channel Mash reported that Samburski has filed a lawsuit against his record label. The public wrote that the singer was unhappy with the result of the contract with “National music Corporation”. The actress demanded to terminate the contract with the company Drobysh and return all of her songs without compensation.

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