Waregem, belgium – < / P> Friday afternoon, they received the emergency call about an apartment in the Stormestraat in the heart of the Countryside. There was a lockdownfeestje gets out of hand. Two people were transported to the hospital after a drug overdose. The property is leased by the football club Zulte Waregem.

“One person was in critical condition but is now stable,” says Hanne Assistant of the public prosecutor’s office of Kortrijk, belgium. “In the second case, the hospital, in the meantime, leave it.” At the time of the offences, there were three people in the apartment. A fourth person, who is not in the party, the staff was very helpful and called the emergency services. The third feestvierder, it was eventually taken away by police for questioning, but not arrested. “The police made a record for offences against the drug law and by the coronamaatregelen”, says the Assistant.

Zulte Waregem

It was the three of them came together for the ball to go, has been hired by a professional football club at SV Zulte Waregem. The club shall, in the apartment at the disposal of the players. At the time of the facts, there would be no players were in the building. It was there since new year’s is empty, and it is important for the club, then it is also unclear as to what is happening and who is involved in it were”, says a press release issued by the club, and that no further comment would like to get rid.

It is not clear whether the three persons have been burgled or have been temporarily living here. However, it confirms the public prosecutor’s office that it is not the young people themselves. The public prosecutor’s office shall examine the facts now. Also, the club will make every effort to find out what exactly happened.

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