Russian synchronized swimmers Maria Shurochkina and Vlada Chigireva have taken on the professional dancers on Instagram, showing off their incredible mastery of a routine while wearing high heels and tight-fitting bodysuits.

The duo demonstrated superb synchronicity to Beyonce’s hit, dancing exuberantly on two couches.

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Our bodies and minds are capable of many things. We just don’t know about it yet,” Shurochkina captioned the video.

The two Olympic champions, who have just returned from the Dubai training camp, said they were inspired by the Russian TV show Dances, in which dozens of contestants fight for the right to be crowned the country’s best dancer.

A post shared by Maria Shurochkina (@mashuniashura) on Nov 9, 2020 at 6:53am PST

The swimmers, who are getting ready for the Tokyo 2020 Olympics, were praised by their followers for their perfect physical shape and jaw-dropping flexibility.

Russian synchronized swimmers have been unbeaten on the international circuit for 20 years, since winning the 2000 Games in Sydney.