the film is set in the spring of 1944. Occupied Belarus. In result of intelligence received evidence that the square of Z is a camp for captured Soviet soldiers and the penalty box of the Wehrmacht and the SS. Manages the camp commandant Colonel Blucher, and helps him to the young and daring captain of the SS Schultz. But there is in the camp of third force, which no one obeys, and terrifying is the SS Colonel Oscar Dirlewanger. The command of the Soviet troops decided to carry out a diversionary operation that previously seemed impossible, which aims to neutralize Oscar Dirlewanger. Lead the operation volunteered counterintelligence Alexander Gromov. He prepared a very risky operation “the Deserter”, which will be held in two stages. But the war is making hard adjustments to the group’s plans.

All the projects of the great Patriotic war, – says the actor Cyril Melekhov, is an individual and each carries a internal history, but the most important thing that unites them is the memory. I really want to see a new generation be remembered of that terrible time: the error of the past and heroic deeds of our grandfathers. And that in no case prevent war again. Throughout the shooting process I felt a huge responsibility because it was my first job in the film about the war, and it’s hard and scary stuff. Everything about war is terrible, so the challenge was how to monitor the emotional background. I think the audience will be interesting to see our film “Operation deserter”.

In the TV movie starred Belarusian actress Veronica plyashkevich. She was born in the city of Zhodzina, Minsk region. In 2006 he graduated from the theatre faculty of the Belarusian state Academy of arts, now the actress of the National academic drama theater. Gorky Minsk.