Journalist Jeff German covered the worst crimes in Las Vegas for years. Now he himself was the victim of a murder.

Investigative reporter Jeff German († 69) was found dead with stab wounds in front of his home in Las Vegas on Saturday. The journalist is said to have had a loud argument with another person.

“We believe the argument took place outside of the home,” the Las Vegas Police Department said. “We have some leads and are following a suspect, but haven’t found him yet,” spokeswoman Dori Koren said.

For two decades, German has covered court cases, politics and organized crime in the US state of Nevada. In 1997, he and a colleague were the first to write about the murder of mafioso Herbert “Fat Herbie” Blitzstein in Las Vegas. He was also responsible for covering the mass shooting at a music festival in 2017 that killed 60 and wounded more than 400.

He has been writing for the Review Journal since 2010. Editor-in-Chief Glenn Cook hinted that despite his sensitive writing, his reporter never raised safety concerns. “We are devastated to have lost Jeff. He was one of the best in the news business. It’s hard to imagine what Las Vegas would be like if he hadn’t brought light to the darkest of places over the years,” Cook laments.

The case is a top priority for the police. The LVMPD classified the murder as a so-called “major case”. This allows the resources to solve the case to be maximized.