All the largest non-state pension funds (NPF), which focuses on mandatory pension insurance, have begun or plan to develop the retail segment of non-state pension provision (NGOs). While mass involvement was only NPF of Sberbank, but he suspended it. The pension product has no significant advantages nor for the sales network or for the client, experts say.This week included into the five of the largest NPF – “Future” (from the group of companies “Region”) began to test their own standardized individual pension plan (IPP) “Classic”, to be published on the website of the Foundation agreement. Minimum down payment of RUB 1 thousand each, the redemption amount you can pick up five years after the conclusion of the contract. Under the terms of IPP it is similar to the NPF of the savings Bank. The first Fund, which began in 2016, the mass involvement of individuals in NGOs, became the NPF of the savings Bank under the General Director Galina Morozova. The product focused on mass market and distributed through the network of Sberbank. Active involvement ended in early 2018, but during this time the Foundation has received about 1.5 million clients-individuals. In the middle of 2018 Ms. Morozova went to work in GK “Region”, where oversees the retirement division of the group (see “Kommersant” on 15 January 2019). This year the NPF of the savings Bank began to sell his STI through the app “Sberbank Online”.In 2018-2019 IPP began to develop two of the largest funds. “Gazfond Pension savings” also made a bid for mass market through online channel, the initial down payment is 10-15 thousand rubles. While attempting to use to attract customers pension brokers are not paid off, and told the interlocutors close to the Fund and its counterparties. “VTB Pension Fund” initially focused on a more premium segment, the initial fee amounted to 300 thousand rubles According to a source “” close to VTB group, this year plans to start raising individuals in the retail segment with an initial payment of 30 thousand rubles. the Product will be distributed through the branches of VTB, and through the branches of the Bank-by-Mail (nearly 50% owned by VTB). In this year launched the STI NPF Safmar. The minimum contribution is 2 thousand rubles., a distribution channel can serve as VSK insurance company, 49% owned by holding “Safmar financial investments”. “Several agreements have been signed with agent networks”, but because of the isolation promoting plans have been postponed until autumn 2020, said the representative of the Fund. In February of this year, the General Director NPF “Discovery” of Mikhail Motorin said that tested the possibility of selling the STI through the network of branches of the parent Bank (see “Kommersant” on February 19).However, it is fraught with difficulties: low originalflax account actively paying additional fees customers not so much (see “Kommersant” on February 4), moreover, some customers started to withdraw money from the program (see “Kommersant” on 14 may). NPF “Gazfond PN” last year attracted 10 thousand new customers (a total of 18 thousand participants of the IPP), said the representative of the Fund. The number of existing contracts NGOs with individuals in “VTB the Pension Fund” over the past year increased by 5 thousand to 16 thousand.”For the largest funds that are members of financial groups, seems logical to target retail NGOs for the growth of NPF assets, which depends, in particular, remuneration of the Fund and management”— says the managing Director of “Expert RA” Pavel Mitrofanov. However, compared to other investproektami, such as insurance, a pension plan loses from the point of view of profitability for the agent and particularly has not won for a client from the point of view of benefits, he said. “Thus, the scaling of the network, which starts the active promotion of IPP can often be political, not economic solution,” he says.Ilya Usov