it was Officially announced that the quarantine in the Krasnodar region is removed from the 21st of June, almost simultaneously with the Crimea. Crowds of Muscovites and other Russians immediately rushed to the Black sea. And broken off. For the past five days as sanatoriums and resorts famous resorts refuse to accept citizens. All require a fresh reference to the lack of coronavirus. And the place in the same Sochi this paper is almost impossible to obtain.

“How so? Nobody is warned. We bought the cheapest tickets, and took the voucher to make sure everything was sterile and hygienic, not to go around the city, not to eat in cheap cafeterias, not to collect it. But on arrival we were told that was not allowed until you pass the tests – but where they can pass?” – resents the 35-year-old resident of the Moscow region Olesya. She and her husband and seven-year-old daughter literally sitting on their suitcases.

the Penalty for check tourists without reference to three hundred thousand rubles. It is clear that the risk of a loss, no one will. Despite the fact that nationwide the CPS, as they say, to what is happening has nothing to do. So who is to blame?

Shortly before the abolition of strict quarantine restrictions the Governor Veniamin Kondratiev really entered the territory of “high alert” that will last until July 6.

Okay, people who bought a “hot tour” to bask in the sun, but many of those ahead of time, preparing himself for the trip, too, ended up with nothing.

help that’s not sick, is valid only for 2-3 days. After that you need to study again. Said that it seems that the expiry date does not take into account the travel time, but in fact the inspectors look at the calendar date of issuance, and not on how many people have reached the place of rest.

“we have to show paper that our neighbors and relatives also not sick, but where to get them?” – outraged the hapless tourists from different parts of Russia. It turns out that earlier also were explained that such an instrument may be discharged by local therapists by place of residence, but in many places the local clinic have not work or work not in full, and to come back for one such resolution – all fraught with the fact that you can pick up an infection. In General, our people, as usual, didn’t bother, was hoping for the best, and… fell.

fortunately, arrived tourists no longer forcibly placed on a reservation in 14 days and even at their own expense. You can just be offended and go home.

As found by journalists, urgently to take the test for the presence of coronavirus in Sochi is difficult – such a rush everywhere terrible turn! Therefore, on average, the results have to wait 3 to 5 working days, and this study is higher than in the capital – from 2500 rubles.

– In General, no��its terrible happens – there is no help, you can easily stay at any hotel – meets Dmitry Bogdanov, Chairman of the Public Council of the Federal Agency, the Federal tourism Agency, the Director of the sanatorium. – Rather, this situation is unpleasant for the health as people do not want or are unable to apply for a certificate, the flow of this is greatly reduced. More than a third of the health resorts of Krasnodar region can not yet open.

– And what sense was to remove the restrictions if in fact all remained the same? How is that even legal, to continue to seek such help when the head of region has allowed to come?

– the fact that the Russian Rospotrebnadzor recommendations for the quarantine period. Local made these recommendations mandatory and after the Governor of the quarantine was canceled… Absurd, of course.

– Else and with tests for coronavirus the thing – where to take it?

In Moscow and in large cities without any problems. In small towns, Yes, it is more difficult. A lot of where in the country do not take the test.

Clear. But why the resort did not report this information in advance so people can prepare, and what to do those today or tomorrow I?

– Why not misleading? All reported! Each sent information when you contact us. But – not read, not heard, decided that slip.

– what do you recommend to do?

– Who? Tourists? While booking the hotels and guest houses. There are no such strict requirements. In the sanatorium tours can also be booked, but July, August and so on… Now we only with references!