Since Saturday, 18 deaths with the corona virus detected. The number of hospitalised falls for the fourth day in a row.

the Number of deaths with the corona virus in Denmark is Sunday increased to 179 from 161 on Saturday.

this was stated by The Statens Serum Institut.

Since Saturday, so registered 18 new deaths.

the Virus is not necessarily the cause of death. To a deaths are included in the statistics, should the infected person have lost their lives, no later than 30 days after the person tested positive.

the Number of inpatients at the nation’s hospitals fall however, for the fourth day in a row. The 504 is now hospitalized at 507 Saturday.

144 is in the icu, and it is two more than Saturday. 107 of the patients have use of the respirator, which is five fewer than on Saturday.

the Capital Region has the greatest number of inpatients. Here is that 230 people infected with the coronavirus. The north denmark Region has clearly the lowest with 33 inpatients.

Sunday is the number of persons who have tested positive for infection with the corona virus has risen to 4369. This is an increase of 292 since Saturday.

on Saturday the figure rose by 320.

There is, however, expected to be a larger mørketal.

This is because it is not all with the symptoms of coronavirus, which is being tested. Therefore, the real number of infected people in Denmark higher, as there will be infected, which is not included in the statistics.

the national board of Health has, however, changed the guidelines for who can be tested. The new guidelines mean that persons with mild symptoms are given the opportunity to be referred directly by their own doctor for a test.

More will, therefore, be tested.

Friday was made 5999 coronatest distributed on the country’s five regions, informed the Danish Regions.

Thus have regions in the past two days, the met national board of Health’s ambitions to test the 5000 on the day.

In the next week, expect you to be able to make the 10,000 tests per day, and for the week after to number up to 15,000.

1327 has now been declared healthy after being infected with the coronavirus. The talk was Saturday, 1283.

One can at the earliest be classified healthy 14 days after the positive test. Therefore, there is a certain delay on the number of healthy.

on Monday told prime minister Mette Frederiksen (S), that Denmark is slowly closing up after the easter 13. april, if the citizens in the course of the next few weeks, still adhere to the guidelines.

According to Berlingske and TV2 News will the prime minister tomorrow, Monday, at a press conference to tell about how the country can begin to reduce the restrictions and take the first step towards a reopening.