the Number of applications for the production of shelters has jumped by more than 1000%. Sales increased more than 400% and continue to grow worldwide.

Blowing up the world economy pandemic has certainly helped to profit from certain types of business. It all began with the sale of masks, antiviral drugs, and all sorts of online courses. Now we come to the “heavy artillery” — in the case entered a company building custom bunkers and other defenses. The demand is there, and considerable.

In the United States for sale underground mansion worth $ 18 million. “The mansion the day of judgment,” as he called his newspaper the Daily Star, was built in the 1970s, in the midst of the cold war. It has everything you need and more: kitchen, five bedrooms, pool, fireplace… and a waterfall. In the bunker there are several meeting areas, a cinema room, a games room with two bars. Each room has a separate bathtub. The shelter provided by a generator of electricity and the reservoir has a capacity of 4.5 thousand litres of water.

There in the bunker and the inner “courtyard” with an artificial lawn, where “grow” different types of trees and a fountain. And from the Windows of the bedrooms you can admire the landscapes with views of mountains, valleys and forests. They automatically change the lighting depending on the time of day.

Journalists report that in the interior of the hopper used the best materials and technologies that were available 50 years ago. But the main thing is building and is now able to provide excellent isolation to their owners. A company that sells real estate, offers to buy him those “wants safely and have fun with your friends while on the surface of a raging epidemic COVID-19”.

the Market of bunkers and protective structures in the United States is quite developed Americans, who grew up in Hollywood disaster movie, known for his love of conspiracy theories and a commitment to the subculture of preppers (in scientific language this is called survivalism). Writes another edition, The Verge, the demand for private asylum due pandemic rose sharply.

Entrepreneur Robert Vicino describes buyers: “This is a well-educated people who are informed about current global events and feel responsible for their families in these times, fraught with disaster”. According to the businessman, his customers “are not so much of the coronavirus, how many riots and massacres, which could start at any moment.”

as an example, the publication gives a family couple, which acquired the bunker in the commune (that’s right — in the US, they build whole towns), located on a former military base in South Dakota. The couple, confident in the fact that doomsday has already come and empty shelves of proof, laid out for underground housingbe 35 thousand dollars. “To come here and personally to come to our sanctuary — it’s like that for the first time to see the Grand Canyon,” they say.

Robert Vicino admits that now he is buying an average of one hopper per day, and is still about 500. In addition, the businessman is the same village in Europe, but there is a different price category. Shelters are $ 8 million, but in addition to the bulletproof walls, a sauna, a shooting range and a swimming pool.

according to participants in this particular market, the number of queries and requests for production of bunkers and shelters has jumped by more than 1000%. Sales increased more than 400% and continue to grow. And not only in the United States — around the world.

According to Forbes, the American manufacturers of protective structures often deal with clients from Russia. However, in our country there are companies specializing in the construction of bunkers. The head of one of them, Daniel Andreev, estimates the domestic market is very modest 200 million.

However, said Andreyev, the greatest demand among Russians are not bunkers, namely “room security.” The so-called protected perimeter, which is put in already built home, providing it with sealed Windows and doors, Autonomous energy and communications. In normal times, this room is recommended to use as a gym, hookah or home theater. With the arrival of “doomsday” in it, you can hide the whole family to sit locked up at least a month. These rooms will be equipped with water supplies and products, CCTV systems, ventilation and sensors to measure the level of toxic substances and radiation in the air outside. Cost — 3 million rubles. For a full bunker underground will have to pay not less than 10 million.

Under the market instantly adjusted to startups. The South Korean company has developed an artificial window that simulates natural sunlight. It can work in mode dawn, dusk, sunrise or sunset. Technology allows you to emit complete spectrum of natural lighting, and the angle can either replicate the reality during the day, or vary depending on the given scenario. The control is through a special app.

the Developers hope that the demand for “smart” window will be big. And do not hide that count on those people who intend to sit out the pandemic coronavirus in their own bins.