Tourists will begin to fight for sunbeds at popular resorts after a pandemic coronavirus. Discomfort during rest predicted the British tabloid the Daily Mirror.

according to the publication, the “war” for a comfortable place to begin on the most visited resorts in Turkey, Spain and Greece. Tourists in these countries and so had to get up early to get a good lounger on the beach or by the pool, and now the situation is complicated by the introduction of social distancing.

Under the new rules, the hotel staff will place sun beds with a distance of half to two meters, strictly forbidding tourists to move them to the side. The space near the main pool is significantly reduced, because those who do not have time to take a deckchair, you will have to sunbathe to another designated area.

representative of the travel Agency TUI in an interview with reporters said that measures are being taken in order to ensure the preservation of the race and disinfection of sunbeds. The hotel staff will carefully handle the surface of the beds as they release from the lovers of sunbathing.

Some hotels will offer guests the service reservation located sun loungers, but it will be regarded as an additional service for a fee.

Earlier, British experts predicted a massive increase in the cost of living in hotels after the pandemic coronavirus. According to their forecasts, the owners of the accommodation facilities will be forced to increase the costs of cleaning the premises, and to install expensive equipment to prevent the spread of viruses.