a Paragraph about payments to informants are already included in the regional law “On participation of citizens in public order protection”. The money will be spent from the budget of the region. Prior to this, remuneration for participation in the protection of public order could only get members of public associations of law enforcement focus.

the Decision is based on whether the money for this or that information or not, takes the Control of the interior Ministry in the Yamal Peninsula. To report a crime at any police station or the district, at the request of the informant – at least orally, at least in written form.

As reported in the regional police Department, until the end of may, six whistleblowers will receive the required money to them for information that helped law enforcement. So, one of them announced the sale of alcohol without a license.

meanwhile, the law immediately provoked controversy in the region, the residents were divided into two camps. Some have dubbed it “the law snitches” reminding us of the totalitarian past of the country. Considering that innovation is just getting warmed up and will develop unhealthy manifestations are dormant in the society.

Others believe that to report crimes – quite normal practice in all civilized countries.

In the end, it leads to a reduction in crime. Furthermore, it allows some crimes to be prevented before they are committed.

“RG” decided to find out expert opinions regarding the new law on the Yamal Peninsula.

Alexander Murashkintsev, Deputy Chairman of the Public Council of the municipal Department of internal Affairs of Sverdlovsk area:

– worked All his life in the police and know that police assistance citizens need. And there is nothing wrong in that she will still be paid. Examples of other countries where anyone can inform the police, if he sees that the neighborhood is clearly something illegal or even dangerous, speaks for itself. To inform the police about, for example, that the neighbors beat the child, is a moral and decent, but to say nothing – vile. What does the squealing.

it is common knowledge that in Singapore nobody throw gum on the street, knowing that this was immediately someone reported to the authorities. Well, not to litter, not to get caught.

we’re not Talking about a political persecution for the way of thoughts and beliefs, it is not necessary to confuse concepts. Talking about assisting the police to combat crime, serious crimes, threatening the whole society.

Sergei Kolosovsky, lawyer, in 1990-e years worked in the criminal investigation, led the operation group to combat organized crime in the Urals:

Practice of encouraging aides bodies have always existed. As hidden and open. Remember, how in 1990-e years we have helped man in discovering a number of large apartments��’s thefts, then it was a real disaster, barred Windows stood even at the highest levels, and he was paid.

the point here is to avoid abuses in this area. Because it’s one thing when humans for information about impending terrorist attacks or the sale of drugs. And quite another if the aim is to inform will be looking for positions in social networks, where someone something is not said and to bring it under the law on combating extremism.