on the Eve of International children’s day the correspondents of “Rossiyskaya Gazeta” check the work in the regions, the projects, on which depends the welfare of many families.

In the regions open new kindergartens according to the national project “Demography”, and unusual.

for Example, in the residential complex “Tom” Kemerovo there was a kindergarten for 350 places. On the ground floor – swimming pool with three-stage water purification system. There children will be taught the elements of synchronized swimming and aerobics. And to strengthen the immune system will help salt cave. In the garden a “Quarter arts.” And different lab: weather station for the study of weather, a mini-planetarium.

the Other modern garden on 258 seats, with a swimming pool, a salt mine, a massage room being built in the residential complex “Pritomskaya prospect”. To pass it needs by the end of 2020. As said the head of Kemerovo Ilya Seredyuk, now being built in the city for more than ten kindergartens. But only in the Kuzbass within the framework of the national project will open 27 preschools more than five thousand seats.

Built kindergartens in Ingushetia, where until recently the appearance of a new preschool was number one event for almost every family. Now ready for the opening of a kindergarten in Nazran, the villages Jandare, Gamurzievo and Galashki. Each – for 220 seats with a total area of about 4.5 thousand square meters. In two of these villages has never been in preschool institutions, andare there is a garden but it is small and already old.

“In andare every family of three or four children, and to carry the child to the nearest Karabulak hard. Yes there is, and the group crowded. Will soon breathe a sigh of relief,” – says the businesswoman and mother of four children Angela daurbekova, torn between work, caring for younger child, which is impossible to leave on the elders.

Many mothers, finding in the decree, to spend time with benefit and for his career. The project “Promotion of employment of women” allows them will retrain and improve the qualification, to find a new career.

In the Chelyabinsk region have already passed retraining more than a hundred women. A resident of Chelyabinsk Barinova Snezhana before delivery was collector of customs. About the possibility to improve the skills learned from friends. And do not regret it for 108 hours of distance learning received a certificate of specialist in state and municipal procurement.

“We offer our women during maternity leave to get a profession of an accountant, hairdresser, seamstress, master personnel record keeping, to improve their skills”, – explained the “RG” the first Deputy Governor of Chelyabinsk region Irina Hecht.

And in the Tyumen region is now more than 60 decretis increase without prejudice to the family budget a qualification or learn a new profession from home. Marina Ivanova from the village of Omutinskiy, a mother of four children who successfully completed the course�� the interregional training center. Lecturer of Tyumen was giving her email address assignments, and the student Network are the same take tests. Sent by mail a certificate of professional retraining were handed Marina the head of the bakery, where a young working woman – a Baker. Now she’s the carrier for the release of products.

the School, which needed years development center in a growing residential district, a separate building for the primary school a reputable school in Lipetsk, and Belgorod regions under the program “Stimulus” the national project “Housing and the urban environment” built dozens of social sites. And each one is unique.

In the Belgorod region more than forty construction sites where works are on this program. Particularly welcome awaited the new residents of the suburbs of Belgorod – Mayskiy. They erected another building of the gymnasium. It is famous for its high quality of teaching, so even those parents who work in the city, eager to take first graders in this school. The result is a 1300 pupils study in two shifts. And this burden teachers themselves are called high. Besides, very inconveniently, when the younger classes overlap with middle and senior managers. That is why the extension was built with a pool, a conference room and give kids. Expect this case to 500 students – the settlement grows.

In the Lipetsk school for 800 places with a pool and gym – also welcome in developing neighborhood “European”. And it’s hard to say who is happy to have her erection more – the parents or the construction companies that build housing here. Without school to sell the new apartment much more difficult.

In our time of modern technology it is difficult to imagine life without the Internet.

“I do not know what we would do and how children were taught during a pandemic, if not for high-speed Internet, – says the teacher of initial classes Sosnovskaya secondary school in Udmurt Republic Hope averkieva. – Thanks to him, during classes online you not only give jobs to the boys, but and is constantly in contact with them.”

And colleagues Hope from other localities were told that by going to “udalenka”, went to the students from other villages and left the job in mailboxes… Sosnovskaya school – one of 453 rural schools of the Udmurt Republic, connected to high speed Internet. In 2020, another 92 secondary educational institutions of the Republic thanks to nutsprogramme “Information infrastructure” will have access to the global network.

Preparation for the new theatre season is in full swing. Including for the youngest viewers. The work is carried out in the framework of the national project “Culture”.

Novosibirsk academic youth theater “globe” in 2019, received a grant of 110 million rubles. Money e.g.��Willy to overhaul the unique roof of the building. The city’s only theatre, has historically focused on children and youth, this year celebrates 90 years since the Foundation.

In Saratov for the first time in fifty years at the expense of the national project “Culture” is a major overhaul puppet theatre. It is planned that “Teremok” will open doors in December of this year. During repair, the troupe moved to the stage of the regional House of workers of arts. And with the introduction of quarantine actors launched an online project “we Read your tales.” The actors record the audio for the stories, which they send by e-mail children. The first such play was staged in the history of my already grown audience. The mother of Saratova Viktor Rodionov sent a story he wrote in fifth grade.

Thanks to the national project, your house gained and Murmansk regional puppet theater is the oldest in the Arctic circle. At strange angles to the artists and their dolls had to live 86 years. Since 1973, the theatre was housed in the research library in Murmansk. There was not a spacious auditorium, or even chairs, instead of which stood the shop. Now he went to the building of the former garrison House of officers in Murmansk, which was repaired. It has a spacious hall, two halls, the newest professional equipment.

After exiting the isolation the mothers and children will be easier to come by in good physical shape – in the regions are opening up new schools and swimming pools.

In Vologda built a modern swimming pool on the site of the region’s only sports school of Olympic reserve “Vityaz”. It has five lanes by 25 meters with a variable depth from 1.2 to 1.8 meters. There is an automatic climate control and three-level mechanism of water purification.

the First floor will be at the disposal of the school of Olympic reserve: to compete on the lanes can not only athletes, but fans. And on the second floor created the conditions for visitors with limited mobility and Paralympic games. Here they will take special elevators.

Thanks to the national project “Demography” is created from two sports schools in the Novosibirsk region. School volleyball will be based in the regional volleyball centre, which is built in the framework of the regional project “Sport – the norm of” national project “Demography”. There will be training for 250 people.

In 2023 Novosibirsk oblast will meet the world championship on hockey among youth. But now school was established in the hockey, to establish a quality system of training players. Kids will train at the indoor rink with artificial ice near the ice Palace of sports “Siberia”. In a new school hockey will be able to deal with girls. But in Birobidzhan to build a new sports recreation complex open – uniwireless Internet access is a sports area with Jogging track and exercise equipment. Here you can play football, basketball, volleyball.