Antwerp, Roeselare belgium / Brussels –

Given that there is still a lot of question marks behind it that the Tour de France, with the organizers of the Tourcriterium in Brussels decided to put their staging of this year’s not-to-be release, so Tuesday will be announced.

in Fact, the president of france, Emmanuel Macron, the ban on massamanifestaties Monday in mid-July, as extended, the ” Tour de France for a new date to look for, if the event can proceed. After the Tour we have in our country, traditionally, a set of criteria, with Brussels as the first one. The 85th edition was on Monday, the 20th of July, in the program. “Renno Roelandt, and I have the knot today/Tuesday’s decision. We will not second-Tourcriterium to organise an event in Brussels. We are in a very high degree of uncertainty of how this event can be held in normal conditions,” says co-Jhony Van den Borre.

“We have a tradition of Visiting and we would like to maintain. We are in the first post-Tourcriterium in the country, and they always have the best names at the start. What’s it going to be? We want to be our criterion, is not to organize without the impressive names of artists. We have to draw each and every year, 50,000 people and with a load of VIP’s. In our format, but we don’t want to change. Therefore, we take the plunge now on. Please note, however, with a lot of regrets in the heart. Our sponsor Napoleon Games, to follow our line of reasoning. We will definitely be back in 2021, with the everyday concept, and the better the riders in the Tour start in Brussels.”

In Roeselare, where the next day, after Visiting a criterion, the event is organized, we’re all waiting for the developments to proceed. “Our date is to keep it may not. We should be different in a post-Tourcriterium to organize a pre-Tourcriterium it is”, says the chairman of the organizing committee, in Roeselare belgium, and Thomas Verhaeghe.

“We have to wait for the further developments and the decision-making seem to decrease. Then move your Tour to a date later in the summer, and then we will look at the situation, and together with our partners in order to possibly later can be arranged in Roeselare. It’s been a bizarre time.”.

In Antwerp, the third of the post-Tourcriterium in our country, it is also ‘on hold’. “We will have to wait and see what is in the national security council tomorrow/Wednesday, will preach. Then and only then can we start looking if we are the post-Tourdernycriterium may allow them to continue. Wait, so”, says organiser craig of the Home.