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the cruise Ship Wilhelmsen is on board, is for the moment outside the arabian peninsula, on the way to the sea approach to the suez canal.

The 117 days long journey would originally end on the 29th. april in Rome. A lot has changed since he and medpassasjerene mustered on board the 3. January, but the ship advises it is still good mood, according to the 74-year-old.

– It is very good mood, that is. You would not believe it was like that, but when we are watching TV we are being a bit dejected when, ” says Wilhelmsen.

Photo: Private

When we hear about what happens in Norway and in other countries, we live in a lovely bubble here on the table, he says to NRK.

Wilhelmsen is a retired sailor and sailed in many years, cruise ships in the Caribbean. He says he has never experienced a race as he now is.

Since the ship left the port in Rome in January koronavirusutbruddet become a worldwide pandemic, but on board the MSC “Magnifica” has it not been reported sykdomstilfeller.

– It is very good mood, that is. You would not believe it was like that, but when we are watching TV we are being a bit dejected when, ” says Wilhelmsen.

He and the passengers can walk around freely on the boat. The fitness center is open. The same is the kitchen that still serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

On the days they are being gathered around the pool on the sun deck.

We live in a bubble, repeat the 74-year-old.

Wilhelmsen says he is one of the nine australians on board the ship, and that in total there is approx. 70 the scandinavians on board.

GET ON BOARD: the Passengers had to remain on the ship when it arrives in Freemantle.

Photo: Stringer / Reuters Problems in Australia

the Itinerary of the ship meant really to visit 43 destinations in 23 different countries. As a result of koronaviruset this was impossible.

According to Wilhelmsen, he has not set foot on dry land at the closer one month.

When the ship arrived at the city of Hobart in Australia, the 13. march was the passengers and crew refused to go ashore. The same thing happened when the ship arrived in Sydney two days later. The 19. the march was about 240 passengers allowed to disembark in Melbourne. The passengers were examined for the infection and sent on to the insulation, write the English newspaper The Guardian. When the ship arrived at the city of Freemantle the 24. march was only allowed to refuel. Police and the coast guard made sure no one left the ship.

When we came to Australia so there was no other of the countries we were going to anløpende that would have us. They would not accept cruise passengers. And it was perhaps the greieste, ” says Wilhelmsen.

the Cook left the ship

two days ago did the MSC “Magnifica” a stop off the coast of Sri Lanka, to fill the fuel. When also went one of the ship’s cooks of the expedition.

Anura Bandara Herath was the only one of the crew from Sri Lanka, and was therefore going home.

– No one on board is infected, but if I did not leave the ship now, it would be very difficult for me to return home if I first landed in Europe, he writes on Facebook.

Pictures from a local TELEVISION channel shows how the chef was transported in the country and immediately handled in accordance with the smittevernreglene.

ON the WAY TO FRANCE: the Voyage was supposed to end in Rome on the 29th. april. Now have the passengers been notified that they will try to berth in Marseille the 20. april. Here is the ship pictured in Venice in 2019.

Photo: Manuel Silvestri / Reuters

It must have been the president of the country who approved that one of the naval vessels could bring him, writes news agency Reuters.

On the way to Marseille

The last message that the passengers have been given, is that the ship will arrive at the French port city of Marseille the 20. april.

Here they hope to get countries to be able to start on the onward journey home to Norway.

We are looking forward to coming home and talking with the grandchildren, ” says Wilhelmsen.

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