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According to the figures from the John Hopkins University, died 2021 people from Friday. Daily from 05: 00 to Saturday at. 05.00 bst.

In the corresponding period a day before it was registered in 1904 deaths.

the Total is now 18.693 people in the united STATES died as a result of virusutbruddet.

Only Italy has more died as a result of the covid-19.

Number of infected americans has passed half a million, with in all 500.399 people, according to figures from John Hopkins.

There are various sources and counts of korona-infected, also within the united STATES. The figures vary because of different reporting and innrapporteringstidspunkt, but they follow the same pattern.

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New York is still the hardest hit,

New York – both the city and the state – is still the hardest hit. In America’s largest city is the registered 5820 dead.

Both hospitals, funeral homes and gravferdsetaten is strongly pushed as a result of the high death toll.

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In the state as a whole is around 175.000 people infected.

There are over three times as many as in neighboring New Jersey, where it is registered in total of 55,000 infected. The population in New Jersey is roughly half of New York city.

Very different states like California, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, Louisiana, and Michigan all around the 20,000 infected.

to Minimize the infected, it is in Alaska, which has 246 infected.

President Donald Trump during the daily update about the korona-the situation in the united STATES on good Friday.

Photo: Alex Wong / AFP Happy that they did not follow Sweden

At Friday’s oppdateringsmøte said the government’s smitteverneksperter that they see signs that smittekurven begins to flatten out.

At the meeting, Sweden also became a theme.

President of the Donald Trump – like enthusiasm for the loosening of the measures to get the economy started again – got questions about the Swedish strategy. Sweden has, as is well known chosen to keep large portions of the community open, unlike many other countries, which have ordered everything from the shop to the restaurants and the hairdressers closed.

If we had followed the same line, I think we could have had two million died, said Trump.

A study from the Imperial College which was published last month estimated that around two million americans could die as a result of koronaviruset if measures such as social distancing did not work.

the Estimate from the helserådgiverne in The white house now is that in just less than 100,000 persons will lose their lives as a result of the covid-19.

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