In Moscow on Saturday held its ninth since the end of March large-scale disinfection of all roads and public spaces. This was reported by Deputy Moscow mayor in the Moscow government Petr Biryukov.

"To prevent the spread of coronavirus infection by the specialists of the urban center conducted one-time disinfection of all roads and public spaces. The total area of the treated area exceeded 300 million square meters", – said Peter Biryukov.

According to him, was held continuous treatment with disinfectants all asphalt and tile surfaces of all roads, sidewalks, Parking lots, yards and interquarter drives.

"paid Special attention to the territories of medical institutions, areas in front of the subway entrance and buildings entrances stations, transport hubs and public transport.

In addition, carefully disinfected public toilets, areas of MFC, water treatment plant drinking water and sewage treatment plants, the facilities for waste management.

In total, the disinfection involved about 70 thousand employees of public utilities, more than 4.5 thousand units watering equipment and more than 10 thousands of different sprays.

The head of the urban center noted that for the disinfection special disinfectant agents recommended by Rospotrebnadzor. They are completely safe for people and animals, widely used for disinfection of contact surfaces in schools, kindergartens and public catering enterprises.

The Deputy mayor recalled that every day in Moscow is carried out disinfection of all the entrances of apartment buildings. With disinfectants carefully processed input group, intercom, stairs, railings, ramps, mailboxes, Windows, chutes, elevators, lobbies and doors.