On Tuesday, the Kazan “AK bars” has signed a contract with one of the best scorers in the Continental hockey League (KHL), forward Nigel Dawes elementary. Agreement with 35-year-old canadian, with Kazakhstan sports citizenship, signed for one season. The club hope that daws will be the team leader in attack and enhance the game in the majority.After Nigel Dawes left “Motorist”, where he played the last two seasons, it’s been quite a long time before he finally decided on a new team. According to the agent of the player Shumi Babayev, the demand for his client in the KHL was great, including from the strongest clubs. In particular, there was talk that Dawes can continue his career in SKA, which had earlier moved his former partner in the “Barys” Linden vey. Bunch Dawes — Wei, recall that in season 2017/18 scored a total of 107 points in the system “goal plus pass”. But in the end one of the best forwards in the NHL, and if more precisely — the third sniper and the fifth scorer in the history of the League, whose assets 267 goals and 501 scoring points in 547 games, appeared in “AK the leopard”.Despite the fact that the Dawes for 35 years, citizens of Kazan it is possible to congratulate you not only loud, but high-quality acquisition. It is obvious that they have at their disposal a player who is still able to knock at least 50 points for the regular season. It is with this indicator Dawes finished the last, not the most successful season for myself and ended up in the top five scorers smooth championship. While it is possible that he still may raise the rate, given that in “AK the leopard” it will be to scrub in, apparently, such artists as Justin Azevedo and Stephane Da Costa. The only obstacle to the conclusion of the contract with daws could be the high financial requests. Last season, according to unofficial sources, he was ranked second in the list of most expensive players in the NHL with a salary of 150 million rubles a year. After the introduction of the new wage ceiling of up to 900 million rubles. such conditions would not, no club in the League. But Dawes, according to Shumi Babayev in interview we realized that in today’s tough times the amount of his new contract will be much less than the previous one.”Nigel Dawes is a very experienced player and a great master, which, in each of the last six seasons, scored more than 50 points,— said General Manager of “AK Bars” Rafik Yakubov on the official website of the club. It will increase our majority, which last year didn’t work out as we wanted. Together with Nigel we have two full-fledged special team, and the leader of the attack in equal structures”.Because in addition to him and mentioned Azevedo Da Costa among the residents there are artists like Danis Zaripov, Patrice Cormier, Kirill Petrov, Alexander Burmistrov, Stanislav Galiev, Viktor Quietlyons. Besides their backs talented young people. For example, simultaneously with the dose of Barca announced the signing of 20-year-old striker Alexander by Jovanovi that last season of Major Junior hockey League, Quebec, speaking for the “Moncton Wildcats”, scored 99 points in 51 games with the utility indicator “plus 58”. In the National hockey League rights belong to the club “Minnesota wild”, who decided to send him for training in the KHL until the end of season 2020/21. “Khovanov — our alumnus, who has gone through teams of different ages, was one of the best in the last youth world Cup and is considered the strongest center forward of its year”— introduced beginner Rafik Yakubov.Alexander Ilyin