Next election glitch in Berlin! For the repetition of the parliamentary elections, a series of ballot papers in Neukölln has to be completely reprinted. It listed a candidate who had moved out of town and was therefore no longer eligible.

A wrong ballot paper has been printed for the upcoming re-election to the Berlin House of Representatives. As state returning officer Stephan Bröchler announced on Thursday, an FDP candidate was listed on the first ballot of a constituency in the Neukölln district, who had moved away from Berlin and was therefore no longer eligible. Postal votes already cast for this candidate are invalid.

The mailing of ballot papers for the affected constituency has therefore been temporarily stopped and new ballot papers are being printed. The previous almost 1700 postal voters are to be written to – they can vote again.

“There are no one hundred percent smooth elections – neither in the federal government nor in the federal states,” explained Bröchler. Berlin voters can rest assured that every error message will be taken very seriously. On February 12, the election to the House of Representatives from September 2021, which was declared invalid, is to be repeated in the capital.