Kick-off in Seville. The Spanish national team hosts Portugal at the start of the new Nations League season. Even before the desert World Cup in Qatar, there will be a duel between the superstars. Will Cristiano Ronaldo lead his Portuguese to victory? The game in the live ticker.


It is the third edition of the competition. Portugal won in 2018/2019, France in 2020/2021. All 55 UEFA members participate in the Nations League. In leagues A, B and C, 16 teams each are divided into four groups. In league D there is a group of four and a group of three. In every league and group everyone plays everyone else twice.

The four group winners of League A qualify for the Final Four, in which the title holder is determined at the end. The group winners of leagues B, C and D will be promoted to the next higher league in the next edition of the tournament.