In the Internet appeared a very interesting “success story” American physicist and astronomer Adam Frank. According to him, NASA paid for him to grant, who is a scientist should be spent on the search for extraterrestrial intelligence.

The words of the scientist has led a popular science online resource Phys.Org. There is described a method by which the specialist will look for alien life. In General, Mr. Frank will use the search method on the so-called thesignature — signs of anthropogenic activity, recorded from the Ground. It is important to note that the EA grant is the first in history, which was selected by NASA for a project to detect extraterrestrial intelligence.

It is already known that the team scientist will examine several possible technological signatures that may indicate the existence of a particular field of intelligent alien life. One of them is called reflected from extraterrestrial solar panels, light and pollutants in the atmospheres of distant exoplanets.