The relatives of Sergey Zakharov, who was killed in an accident with the actor of Michael Efremova in Moscow, participate in talk shows to the criminal case went to court and the artist was rendered a just verdict. TASS reported Tuesday, the family’s lawyer Alexander Dobrovinsky.

Zakharov’s family chose the punishment for Ephraim

He explained that 22 years ago in an accident killed a cousin of Sergey Zakharov Victor Venediktov, and the person responsible for a fatal crash were able to escape responsibility. The deceased left a widow and daughter.

"24 July 1998 Victor Venediktov was driving the car on your lane late at night (as well as Sergey Zakharov June 8), when jumped into the oncoming lane car collided with him. Venediktov died seven days later in the hospital, the perpetrator of the accident for unknown reasons, escaped punishment. And this history has left a terrible mark in the memory of the family zakharovykh-Venediktov. That is why now they decided to do everything possible so that the case was not hushed up like the case of Victor, and history will not repeat itself. That’s why we see them on the TV channel "Russia-1", – said Dobrovinsky.