Japanese supercomputer "Fugaku" took first place in the report of the group of international experts of top 500, said the Agency Kyodo.

The report is published twice a year.

"Fugaku" is a joint project of the Japanese Institute of physical and chemical research RIKEN and Fujitsu. He is in research and design centre of the Institute. For a moment he performs quadrillions of 415.5 operations. This is almost three times more than the super Summit, the us National laboratories "oak ridge", who held the top rating since November of last year with an index of 148,6 quadrillion operations per second.

In addition to speed indicators, "Fugaku" won first place in the category of the method of calculation that is used when computer simulation and the modeling of processes; in the category of ability to self-study artificial intelligence in the field of computing and analyzing large amounts of data. Until now, no single computer in the world had managed to take first place in four categories out of six.

A Japanese supercomputer has become the first in the ranking for the first time in 9 years after its predecessor, the computer "Kay", who was also in RIKEN. Second and third place in the list are the supercomputers from the United States, 4th and 5th places at the supercomputers from China.