Named the most powerful weapon of Russia

Russia inherited from the USSR the largest collection of missiles in the world. The most impressive of them are ground missile complexes “Point”, “Iskander” and “Yakhont”.

According to the publication The National Interest, despite the fact that some of the missiles were obsolete, they can “to block the Baltic sea” in the event of a conflict in Europe.

Russia remains a leading power in the field of missiles of all types, and the Russian strategic rocket forces is an important element of the military strategy of Moscow, — says the author Caleb Larson.

A special place among mobile missile complexes of the Russian missile “Tochka”. She is represented in several versions. It can be equipped with anti-tank, anti-radar and anti-personnel warheads.

There are special nuclear head part capacity of ten or a hundred kilotons, — said the analyst.

A more powerful warhead — missiles “Iskander”. It is distinguished by high precision. The probability of error when aiming the rocket is from five to ten meters. Also, American author singled out the family of rockets “Yakhont”.

Earlier wrote that the United States will release the rocket”bait” for Russia. The contract to develop the command of aviation systems of naval forces of the United States will conclude with the company Raytheon. Because of this, Americans will create a false target for enemy air defenses.