the cheapest apartments in new buildings are sold in Kabardino-Balkaria. In this region, apartments in new houses you can buy an apartment from the calculation of 29.7 thousand rubles per square meter, it is reported RT with reference to the Rosstat statistics.

Also among the regions with the lowest prices entered Dagestan (square meter of housing in new buildings is on average 32 thousand), Kalmykia (33 thousand), North Ossetia (34,5 thousand rubles), and Karachayevo-Cherkessia (36 thousand).

In the whole country square meter of real estate in the new house is worth 71 thousand rubles. The highest prices are traditionally in Moscow square metre in the building sold for 214,3 thousand rubles, the second place of Sakhalin with an index of 122,9 thousand rubles, the third – Petersburg, apartments in the Northern capital sold on average over 118 thousand rubles for “square”.

This range of prices, analysts attributed to several factors. So, according to experts of Institute of modern development Nikita Maslennikov, quoted by RT, a key role plays the number of available housing on the market.

This is true primarily for regions with excessive demand for property, in particular, to Moscow and St. Petersburg. However, in these regions the price per square meter is increasing including due to the high cost of land, expensive connection to the grid or the necessity of laying a “pure field” as well as higher salaries of employees of construction companies.

in Addition to demand, the role played by natural conditions, for example, on Sakhalin itself, the high cost of construction works. The same applies to the Magadan region, where the price per square meter in new buildings makes up an average of 94.5 thousand rubles.

In regions with low prices of a square meter of housing to the fore the question of profitability of the construction work.

for Example, in some regions of the northwestern Federal district the construction of new buildings is conducted only in the capital, where apartment prices are still higher. For example, in Tennessee a few years ago active housing construction was carried out in Ukhta and Usinsk. Now buildings are built only in Syktyvkar. Residents of other cities are forced to settle for solely by the secondary market.