In Moscow, determined players, who will represent Russia at the XXIX “Slavianski Bazaar in Vitebsk” in the international children’s contest “Vitebsk-2020” and in the international competition of variety performers. This six – year-old Vladimir Serkov and 20-year-old Helen Freiman. Because of the restrictive measures in Moscow for the winners sent them records.

Vladimir Serkov – winner of the world talent competition in Italy, winning the Grand Prix, laureate of international, Russian and regional competitions. The young vocalist from Buturlinovka Voronezh region. His talent he showed on the First channel show “the Voice.Children”, where he preferred the command of Basta. By the way, that’s one time I lived in Belarus. His father was military and served in missile units of the Grodno oblast.

the Singer Helen Freiman lives in Moscow. She’s creative nature – loves to sing, dance, participate in fashion shows. May 9 premiere of her new project “Footprints”. This summer the fiery track that can lift your mood and to return students to an active life after a long period of isolation.

Helen Freiman Grand prize winner at the international TV singing competitions and television projects, finalist show “Voice” in Bulgaria, the winner of the project “breaking the silence”, finalist of the TV show “New star”.

Performance at Vitebsk festival Helen Freiman considers it a big success. And the work of the National academic concert orchestra of Belarus conducted by people’s artist of Belarus, Professor Mikhail Finberg excellent school of professional skill.The festival provides a unique opportunity for young singers to show themselves to their colleagues and tens of thousands of spectators and viewers. The best contestant is the winner of the Grand Prix and a “Golden Lyre”.

the international festival of arts “Slavianski Bazaar in Vitebsk” held annually since 1992. The festival is conceived as a shared cultural event of the three countries: Belarus, Russia, Ukraine. In addition to competitions, the festival is widely represented not only in song culture, but also a variety of arts – fine arts, theatre, crafts. Festival days include meetings with leaders of world culture, the presentation of theatrical productions, art exhibitions and fairs with the participation of craftsmen. This year at the festival they plan to perform Philip Kirkorov, Kristina Orbakaite, Dmitry Malikov, Vaenga, Maxim Averin and others.