Moscow has launched a new crowdsourcing project “Culture online”. The participants can share their opinions about the development of online activities in the cultural sphere. The project will run until June 30.

From 22 to 25 June, Muscovites will be able to offer ideas for online broadcasts of the Metropolitan institutions of culture, and tell us what services and services related to culture, it will be interesting to use. Until June 27, inclusive, on the draft will be the expert selection of ideas proposed by the participants. Vote on chosen ideas will be held from 28 to 30 June.

the project Participants will be able to discuss the transition programs of the capital’s museums, libraries and cultural centers in the online format to complete interesting surveys.

“Crowdsourcing projects is not the first time give us the opportunity to understand what is important to citizens. It is a good practice that helps to identify the vectors of development, to identify problems, to understand what their solutions will be faithful to hear and to realize the cultural needs of Muscovites. I hope that this time our dialogue with the city will be the most effective for both parties”, — said General Director of GBUK Moscow “Rosrazvitie” Timur Vakhitov.

According to Alexander Pisello, “Culture online” is not the first crowdsourcing project dedicated to the development of culture in the capital. Thanks to the ideas of citizens according to the results of the project in 2015, “Moscow libraries” the city improved the work of the reading rooms. The shares are held for the exchange of books from libraries there were pages in social networks, books delivered to the house with limited mobility. Upon completion of the project “Cultural centers. Future” of 2017, the city changed the work of cultural centers: open antikafe, the zone of co-working, meetings with theatre professionals. In 2018 the completion of the project “Museums of Moscow”, which introduced a single ticket for all exhibitions in the same Museum created a virtual tours of museums and exhibitions and so on.

Platform appeared in 2014. During this time, more than 220 thousand Muscovites joined her, and offered more than 105 thousand ideas. Experts selected more than four thousand of them for further implementation. Citizens have sponsored such projects as “My Park” “Electronic house,” “Children’s clinic”, “Moscow clinic”, “Active longevity”, “Moscow libraries”, “My office of government services, Cultural centers. Future” and “Museums of Moscow”.