In the capital has launched a new crowdsourcing project “Cultural heritage: “Discover Moscow””. From 5 to 8 August on the platform participants can suggest ideas for the development of virtual routes to the most interesting places of the city portal and mobile app “Discover Moscow”. From 5 to 10 August, the project team will select the ideas that were offered by participants. Vote on chosen ideas will be held from 11 to 13 August. Head gku “New management technologies” Alexander Pixela noted that the most liked ideas will be implemented.

On the platform have already registered about 10 thousand people. In the framework of the project, residents will be able to participate in discussions on the theme “the New authors of the project “Discover Moscow” on the portal” “New special projects on the portal”, “the Positive experience of usage of foreign online services for the creation of tourist routes”. In addition, they are waiting for the polls “Group tour or audio guide?” and “Information on the portal”.

“the Project “Discover Moscow” are useful for both the residents and visitors of the city. It’s important that they are easy and convenient to use website and mobile app. Participation in a crowdsourcing project will give us the opportunity to get feedback from users, which is necessary for the implementation of any innovations and improvements of the portal. We hope for interesting ideas, perhaps new topics and formats, so users are actively encourage to share with us your thoughts, participate in polls and discussions,” commented Sergey Sacral, supervisor of it projects in the sphere of culture and business capital of the Department of information technology.

“Discover Moscow” is a joint project of the city government departments of information technology, culture, cultural heritage, education and science. Interactive guide to the city attractions contains descriptions of more than two thousand buildings and structures, 644 monuments, museums, 328, 350 places (streets, parks, boulevards), the information 208 about the historical personalities, 128 thematic walking routes 66 and quests. The mobile app is available in Russian and English languages for devices running operating systems Android and iOS.

Platform was established in 2014. During this time, joined by more than 224 thousand Muscovites. They suggested that more than 106 thousand ideas, of which experts selected more than four thousand for further implementation. Thus, the citizens have sponsored projects “My Park” “Electronic house,” “Children’s clinic”, “Moscow clinic”, “Active longevity”, “Moscow libraries”, “My office of government services, Cultural centers. Future” and “Museums of Moscow”.

And in June ended the crowdsourcing project “Culture online”, dedicated to the development of interactive opportunities for cultural centers. From 22 to June 30, more than nine thousand of the residents have suggested ideas for online broadcasts of the Metropolitan institutions of culture, said what online services and services related to culture, it will be interesting to use.