Thomas Tuchel has a great summer ahead of him at Chelsea. Now there are rumors about a possible move from Neymar. The Brazilian has nothing but praise for his former coach from Paris.

Conversion: For Chelsea FC, a season with many ups and downs ends on Sunday. Looking ahead to the upcoming transfer summer, coach Thomas Tuchel said on “Football London”: “We’re rebuilding, we’re not improving the squad. We’re rebuilding.” Rumors of Neymar’s possible move to Stamford Bridge have now surfaced on social media.

“Great affection”: Neymar and Tuchel connect the time together at Paris Saint-Germain. Compared to “Canal” he said about Tuchel in 2019: “It’s a friendship, but at the same time a great mutual respect. I’ve developed a great affection for him since we first spoke to each other.”

Specific interest?: Perhaps the great affection and friendship for Thomas Tuchel can actually be a tempting factor for Neymar. But whether that will be enough to lure him to London or whether the Blues have a specific interest in the winger remains to be seen. However, he could be the spark needed in a struggling team.

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