the Master of the oval ball to start their tournament on the day before resumed our Premier League. Another, perhaps the main distinctive feature of the new Rugby championship: all games will be shown live by TV channels of holding “Match TV”. Such in the history yet was not.

For the title and medals will beat ten teams. This “Yenisei-STM” (Krasnoyarsk), Krasny Yar (Krasnoyarsk), “Glory” (Moscow), “VVA-Moscow suburbs” (Monino), “Heroes” (Krasnodar), “metallurg” (Novokuznetsk), “Lokomotiv-Penza” (Penza), “Bulava” (Rostov region), CSKA, “Arrow” (Kazan). Clubs are listed in order of occupied places in the championship of Russia-2019.

note that the elite division increased by two members at the expense of the winner of the higher League of CSKA, founded recently and at first speaking only in the Moscow championship has risen in the class of the club from capital of Tatarstan.

last season Krasnodar team was called “Kuban” and “Bulava” was represented only in Taganrog, but not all the Rostov region.

From 18 June to 28 August, the teams will play in one round. Two clubs of the regular season will directly make it to the semifinals, and four members will conduct the play-offs for the right to be in the best group.

the Semifinals and finals will be held and will take place in 2021. Teams from the bottom four will play a consolation tournament, challenging places from seventh to tenth.

As the General Director of the Center for the competition of the Rugby Union of Russia (SRR) Eduard Melkumyan, you will perform all the requirements of Rospotrebnadzor for testing players, coaches, referees and staff on coronavirus, while the matches will be able to present not more than 10 percent of viewers of the total capacity of the stadiums to strictly abide by the necessary social distance.

with regard to the overall balance of forces, in recent years, the Russian League is dominated by teams from Krasnoyarsk. After five consecutive (2006-2010) titles “VVA-Moscow suburbs” has come a long and continuing hegemony of the Siberians. “Yenisei-STM” for the period from 2011 to seven times won the gold medal, twice won the “Krasny Yar”. In the Moscow region club for eight seasons in a row were bronze medals, in last year’s “pilots” from the pedestal moved the “Glory” that plays in a very cozy, atmospheric Metropolitan stadium near the metro station “Novoslobodskaya”. Now, in the dispute recognized giants will certainly interfere CSKA. This team has very ambitious plans.

In our clubs have enough foreign players. Mostly players from South Africa and Georgia, for the “Krasny Yar” will be the two a respected Rugby nation, as Pacific Kingdom of Tonga.

let us briefly Recall the basic rules of Rugby: 15×15 play two halves of 40 minutes. Skid the ball to the scoring field of the opponent (“attempt”) to five points, the subsequent “implementation” kick ball with foot in the space above the crossbar of the H-shaped collar – two points, the penalty kick with the same goal and “drop-goal” (beat from the game) on three points.

For the victory in the match – four points in the standings, a draw two, lose – zero. There are two types of bonuses. If the winner three or more “attempts” than the opponent, plus one point. The team defeated seven less points, the points go to the so-called “defensive bonus”.

June 18, Thursday, “Match TV”

15.00. “Lokomotiv” – “VVA-Moscow suburbs”. Video stream.

June 19, Friday, “the MATCH! Country”

15.30. “Arrow” – CSKA. Video stream.

June 20, Saturday, “Match TV”

09.00. “Red Yar” – “Glory”. Video stream.

“MATCH! Country”

17.00. “Heroes” – “Yenisei-STM”. Video stream.

19.30. “Bulava” – “Metallurg”. Video stream.