In the dispute between FC Bayern Munich and Robert Lewandowski, it does not seem to be an option for the club to use financial means to persuade the world footballer to give in.

No better offer: FC Bayern Munich has no intention of placating Robert Lewandowski with an improved contract in order to end the dispute in a conciliatory manner and to make the rest of the contract year more pleasant for the Pole, reports the “Kicker”.

Short, compact, clear

There was a bonus back then: A salary increase would have been obvious: When Robert Lewandowski had to fulfill his contract with Borussia Dortmund in 2013 before he was allowed to go to Bayern, the Pole received a salary increase of five million euros. He also received 30,000 euros per scorer point.

Status of the negotiations: FC Barcelona is currently offering 32 million euros for the Pole. This sum is too low for FC Bayern and they continue to insist on the contract being fulfilled by next summer.