Vladimir Putin has offered to talk about the dynamics of the epidemiological situation in Moscow, the results of gradual removal of restrictions displaced preventive and on the preparation of the Victory Parade, as well as on the forecasts and proposals for the phased liberalization of the regime of self-isolation.

Sobyanin recalled how many apprehensions, when the President and I discussed the decision on the disclosure of industry and construction. After all, hundreds of thousands of people. May 12, earned virtually all industrial enterprises of more than 700 – and more than a thousand construction sites. At the same time, of course, became more public transit, more travel by private car: daily flow increased by almost a million people.

there was a risk that the epidemiological situation is beginning to grow rapidly for the worse, the mayor said. “In order to minimize and compensate for risks imposed even more stringent requirements for employers and transfers – mandatory mask and glove mode”, – he reminded. “Of course, few such claims like,” – said Sobyanin.

But the result is. It earned a huge number of businesses, increased traffic flows, have been applied more stringent requirements to the citizens, and now, from may 12 to 40 percent decreased the number of hospitalizations of critically ill patients. “This is definitely the marker”, – said the mayor. The number davidnyc pneumonia in CT centers also decreased by 40 percent, and newly identified patients – more than 40 percent. On may 27, was the lowest – 2140 people, and at the peak there were over 6 thousand, gave the figures said. That is, the situation is not just stabilized and significantly improved, so we can talk about the next steps out of the crisis. “Offer from June 1 to disclose all non-food trade”, – the mayor declared. It employs about 300 thousand people. Also work of the sector household services laundries, dry cleaners, repair shops.

“And most importantly for the citizens – the months that many of them stayed home even without walking – it is very important to be able to leave the house, walk down the street, in the Park, the Park”, continued the mayor, noting that it is a difficult decision. But if all be allowed to walk immediately, then it will kind of “may day demonstration,” he said. So it will be test mode: schedule, when some homes can go for walks. The scheme will be as simple and accessible, assured the mayor: not all took to the streets at once. So will need to stay to see how the situation will develop. “I think it will be fine, but we need to insure in this story,” said the mayor.

Finally, the next step is started, the transfer to the planned use of a number of hospitals. In the capital, formed a powerful group to combat the coronavirus, which allowed to insure on any occasion, to avoid the hard scenario. Half of hospital beds are free, and you can gradually begin to withdraw planned aid to normal operation from next week, said Sobyanin. A graph is composed of Ministry of health. There will also be an increased volume of planned care working hospitals.

“We are in constant contact these past few weeks and months, the President said. – Saw you personally worried about the situation in the capital, as he worked your team.” Yes, minor glitches are unavoidable, but overall the work was very responsible, purposeful and balanced. “Every step was premeditated” – praised Putin. “It is important that you act ahead of the curve and not lose time,” he said. The fact that Moscow was established the reserve, reserve – made it possible and timely to open a basic industry, said the President. “The situation in Moscow, as in the whole country, indeed stabiliziruemost compared with the peak values in the beginning of may”, – stated Putin. The number of identified cases of infection were halved, twice as increased volume of testing. Indicative of the fact that the head of state said, is that daily of the capital’s hospitals are discharged significantly more patients than does. Reserve free seats – about 10 thousand beds. What part of the redeveloped beds begin to return to the planning work, Putin called a direct result of the mayor and his team in action.

Moscow was the first faced large-scale epidemic, and managed to avoid negative scenarios that were in some foreign countries, said the President. Doctors are constantly helping colleagues from the regions advice, and this interaction should continue, he called.

In the capital, reducing the load on health and need to help the regions, where the situation is difficult and need more help right on the spot, said Putin and was asked to send to the regions that need teams of health workers. First of all in Dagestan, North Ossetia, Ingushetia and Zabaykalsky Krai. And as quickly as possible. And in the coming days to send the capital madrigali in the Vladimir and Pskov region. In addition, in Moscow a large supply of medical equipment and medicines, and it would be possible to transfer part of the reserve regions. Putin believes that the capital will respond and willing to help. “And the more effective the help is, the faster the situation will be in these regions to occur, as in Moscow”, – he said.

the mayor agreed that this should be done immediately: a week or two, such assistance will not be needed, all is so right, optimistic he said. “We have been working with the regions, our leading clinics provide consultation, online support,” continued mer. “Today and tomorrow we make the trip our crews in four of the region”, – he promised. And in the Pskov and Vladimir region – in the near future. Also in place will be transferred to PPE, medications and everything necessary for comprehensive support, he said. “We will complete it all without fail”, – concluded the mayor.

the Mayor also assured that the commitment to the Victory Parade June 24, and his rehearsals are full. “All organizational and technical measures reconciled with the defence Ministry,” he said.