An official hazard notification was issued for the Oder on Sunday. This is reported by “rbb inforadio”. The reason: more and more dead fish were discovered in the Oder. People and animals should stay away from the water.

Due to possible water poisoning, an official hazard notification is currently in effect for several Brandenburg districts on the Oder river. The integrated control center Northeast sent out a warning on Sunday afternoon.

The reason is more dead fish in the districts of Barnim, Uckermark and Oberhavel. Starting from the Wriezener Alten Oder, the Oderberg area is specifically affected. People should stay away from the river, not fish, and not touch dead fish.

Massive fish kills have already occurred in the Oder in the past few weeks. The area of ​​the Alte Oder, a puncture area of ​​numerous arms of the Oder in Brandenburg, is said to be particularly affected. The cause of the fish kill is still unclear.

The following towns are affected: