Mishustin has released instructions on the situation of COVID

Russian Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin has released a number of new instructions to resolve the situation with coronavirus and the support of the population.

Among the orders of the Chairman of the government of the relevant departments:


  • to prepare proposals for phasing out restrictions for entrepreneurs due to coronavirus;
  • to provide solutions to reduce the time of certification of artificial ventilation of the lungs;
  • to make recommendations about the need to observe precautionary measures during the may holidays due to coronavirus;
  • the Ministry of health shall provide incentive payments to medical students of 4-5 courses for the internship in terms of the epidemic and providing care for patients with a mild form COVID-19;
  • the CPS is mandated to identify regions at risk for spread of coronavirus;
  • the Pension Fund and the Moscow city government will need to reconcile data on employees and organizations, carrying out activity on the territory of Russia;
  • the Ministry of health and Rospotrebnadzor instructed to prepare proposals on a single criteria of admission of patients depending on the severity of the disease COVID-19.

The pandemic of the novel coronavirus have covered the vast majority of countries in the world. In recent reports, the who said on more than 2.6 million are infected, of which about 182 thousand patients died and over 700 thousand were cured. The largest number of infected people and victims recorded in USA, Spain and Italy.

In Russia, the coronavirus has infected 74 588 people. The victims of the epidemic in the country was 681 patient, 6250 managed to recover. In most parts of the country there is a regime of universal isolation, in several regions have introduced a system of passes. Authorities urged people to stay home.