Biggie Guzeeva decided to stop self isolation

At the time Larisa Guzeeva has urged citizens to stay at home and adhered to the self-isolation during a pandemic coronavirus.

She followed all the prescribed rules, reporting on instagram how she, her daughter Olga and her husband Igor Bukharov entertain themselves when it is impossible to chat with friends.

But now the TV presenter broke the mode. She went to work and removed in the new project.

She frankly admitted that, like everyone, afraid of the coronavirus. But nothing can be done – work is work.

“it is Terrible, of course, as everyone. Yes, the actors were always on the front line and entertained. What to do? We need not only bread, but also circuses. We go to the shooting that you are sitting at the TV”, – quotes the words Guzeeva “Komsomolskaya Pravda”.

As previously wrote “the Rambler”, Larisa Guzeeva at the next program “let’s get married!” (The first channel) expressed his opinion about the parents, who all my life having fun, not paying attention to their children. But in old age come to them and ask for help.