In June, the shipyard specialists have finished work for the formation of the corps, the continued construction of the ship will be out of the shop.

The employees of the Sredne-Nevsky shipbuilding plant was taken out of the shop under construction at the company trawler “Georgy Kurbatov” (enters in OSK), the press service of the company.

“the operation was carried out at the conclusion from the workshop of the ship’s mine defense (CSI) project 12700 "Georgy Kurbatov"”, the report says.

Base minesweepers project 12700 “Alexandrite” — a series of Russian anti-mine ships of the base zone, the design of this minesweeper was created in the Central marine design Bureau “Almaz” for the Russian Navy, belongs to a new generation of mine counter measure vessels (PMV).

At the moment to build three such ships: Alexander Obukhov, Ivan Antonov and Vladimir Emelyanov.

The fourth ship project “James Belyaev” launched in January of this year, he is preparing for mooring trials. In may the chief designer of the minesweeper project 12700 told “Star” that these ships are the largest in the world, built using fiberglass. The lack of metal allows to attract to the body of the mine, and to make the process of detection easier.