this is the second days the Internet is rocked by a scandal involving harassment in the media sphere. It all started with posts a few journalists on Twitter who admitted that she endured harassment and even violence from male colleagues. In the comments of the other of the wearer’s began to share the same stories — in the end it turned out that in unpleasant situations, featured the same people. br>
New stories continue to come in, well some figures of the Russian #MeToo today, if not punished, then received a warning. Gathered in our digest the major events.


13 Jul journalist Anna Chusova said “the case of mediatrack” about how a colleague during a party at a mutual friends offered to have sex and publicly insulted her, met with a refusal. Support from the present she got.

In the comments people had shared similar stories and Anna said that we are talking about the journalist, now head of projects at Sberbank Sergey Minenko. It turned out that many girls faced harassment from his side.

Sergey Minenko

Once also had to work in a team under the command of Sergei Minenko. After the party in the office, I told the girls colleagues that he persistently called me to himself and touched the knee. It turned out that he behaved with each of them, and the stories have many were much tougher,

— written by Daria Kushnir.

the Following on Twitter there is a new thread, this time dedicated to the chief-editor of “MBH media” Sergey Prostakov. The content of his little than differed from the previous story all the girls were like: according to them, in a condition of alcoholic intoxication Simpletons molested him at various parties. Many noted that “the crowd all turn a blind eye.”

Sergey Prostakov

There’s a nasty story associated with tusovochka. Five years ago was a joke boys, about “a woman from Twitter.” She got drunk on night and day from Russia, and she was raped a few people. In this sort of part Zolotov (editor “MBH media” Andrey Zolotov. — Approx.ed), Suckers sat on the windowsill and jerked off. br>
Then the next morning the boys called her boyfriend, was taken to his taxi and gave a kick at the exit of the machine. Participants of this story violently laughed at the fact that she was a whore,

— written by the lady Twitter under the nickname @oh_nicky_nicole.

it Should be clarified that the name of a girl mentioned in the post, is unknown, as the story is told by a third party. But then, under the author’s post began to appear comments in which users have shared your information and confirmed that also heard this story from many sources informed.

in addition, was given SK��in recognition of one of the direct witnesses and participants of the event.

This version is exactly like telling different people and remember her and the picture of the drunk girl, lying without movement and even what she was wearing and the same wording with “stuck”, because (as they say) Andrew was telling the story, then,

— wrote one of the wearer.

a Screenshot from Twitter @tsuprikova

the Number of stories about abuse and harassment only grew. The defendants were also hit by Ruslan Gafarov (a former employee of the “Open Russia” and “Rain”, and now SMM-Manager at “Sberbank”), the publisher of “Milk+” Paul Nikulin.

indecent behavior Gafarova complained a few girls, and journalist Valerie Shabel’nikova accused him of rape.

Hello, I am Lera. I was raped by Ruslan Gafarov at a house party at my home in 2018 and apologized after 2 years. We were all aware of the extent of the problem. Most in this situation, I was struck by girlfriends and girl friends who knew and continued to communicate with him,

the girl wrote in his Twitter.

Today the girls joined in and young people. So, several journalists told how he faced harassment by a leading TV channel “Rain” Pavel Lobkova.

Pavel Lobkov

a Former employee of the TV channel Alexander Skrylnikov told how Lobkov tried to kiss him, invited to his home and hinted at the fact that men spend time as well as with girls. Words Skrylnikov confirmed by many employees, saying that pubic hair frivolously behaved with the young people.

Claims were made to address Ilya Yashin from his former sweetheart Lesya Ryabtseva. The girl called him a domestic tyrant, and also complained of harassment by his friend. But other evidence or the comments of Yashin on the situation yet.

Apology of the accused

Almost everyone who was mentioned in these stories, hastened also to speak and to apologize. So, Simpletons said he was visiting a therapist and trying to correct their behavior, but then deleted my Twitter account. Gold pleaded not guilty and denied the allegations.

Yesterday I largely blamed, I pleaded not recognize. I did not participate in group sex or for rape and can’t even confirm that they had indeed taken place. But in this situation I have unfortunately no opportunity to defend himself,

— photo editor wrote in his Twitter account.

gold also presented his version of those events.

I am now very much reeling from the injustice, and I want to tell my point of view: first, in 2014 it was not happened.silovanja, secondly, was the group sex was consensual, which I was not involved,

he wrote.

Andrew gold

that Gafarov apologized to Shabelnikova, has learned from her own tweet — according to the girl, it happened two years later, that is, apparently, now, when the story became public.

I’m very happy that Ruslan had found the strength to apologize, it’s expensive. With Ruslan we discussed this case in the conversation and figured it out. Once again I want to thank him for the courage because he was the initiator of the conversation

— written by Lehr, noting that after the incident two years ago, I worked with a psychologist.

Commented on the allegations against him and Pavel Lobkov, writing a detailed post on Facebook.

Today I was accused of harassment. It is a heavy accusation. What can I say? Yeah, I grew up in a time when students lived with their teachers and hugging a colleague at a party or even a kiss was considered the norm. Not justifying myself, I ask me to understand the boundaries of bodily integrity, for me, remained at the level of 2000-ies, when we consider the molestation of a cute game in which participants know their roles and no one goes beyond certain boundaries, which were established in the process of communication. That time has gone. br>
But that does not excuse me. I did not notice that came a new ethic, with its new definitions of bodily boundaries and integrity. I continued risky to joke about these topics, Yes, hugging their colleagues, have made it doubtful compliments, evaluating the physical attractiveness and hinted at intimacy, believing that it does not go abroad the usual flirting. Don’t know what punishment I must now suffer for their mistakes. br>
I sincerely apologize to all whom my frivolous behavior caused discomfort and who had the courage now to talk about it publicly, anonymously or under a pseudonym. The only defense, I never resorted to violence, alcohol or moral pressure. br>
With all colleagues, present and former, from which I now excuse me, with most of them I have a normal professional and friendly relations, and they were not offended by my hug or a touch,

— written by Lobkov and also apologized to management and to the subscribers of the TV channel “Rain”.


Yesterday it became known that the post had decided to leave Sergey Prostakov. Today the decision to leave the wording of “MBH-Media” said Andrei Zolotov.

the savings Bank is conducting an internal review after two Bank employees accused of misconduct — Ruslan Gafarov and Sergei Minenko, for a time suspended from his duties.

Ruslan Gafarov

against Pavel Lobkova atka no decisions have been taken. Chief editor of “Rain” Tikhon Dzyadko assured the public that the channel “will comment on the scandal, when more thoroughly understand the situation”.

In the near future this situation will be dismantled and spoke on the channel. We will conduct the audit of the relations inside the company so that this will not happen again,

— Dzyadko wrote on his Facebook.


Colleagues of the accused while not willing to comment on the incident, and the views as usual are divided. The review can be seen as support for the affected girls, and the question “well why did you go on the list?”.

Michael Lights in the Twitter wrote that to blame the toxic environment of media space.

Jury again each other permeabili. It is not surprising that being in such a toxic environment, it seems that a healthy relationship does not happen. No, guys, that you have a circle of friends and the company special. Do not meet with mental. Learn to say no (especially if you are a man), including myself. br>
Short-term satisfaction is not worth the problems you get when you let into your life a mental. And all say, here I am with feminists fully agree (spelling and punctuation of the author saved. — Approx.ed.)

he wrote.

the Rapper Zaman spoke in support of the girls, saying that nothing can justify committed against them of the action.

he Spoke, and the journalist of radio “Echo of Moscow” Ksenia Larina. Apparently, sympathy stories she had not caused.

Recall that the chief editor of the radio station, which runs Larina, he recently found himself at the center of a sex scandal. Alexei Venediktov of harassment not so long ago accused the journalist Anna Veduta, and informed Lesya Ryabtseva, who worked as his assistant.