“It will be brilliant sunshine, and many days with temperatures above ten degrees,” says statsmeteorolog Andreas his response.

After one of the most snowy winters in a long time, it finally appears that spring is coming to large parts of Southern Norway.

– It is only to rejoice. On Thursday is the wind, and it builds up a powerful high pressure. It is simply a terrific weather in a long time to come, saying his response.

The fine weather that comes in the several parts of the country this week, don’t disappear with the first.

– Currently, it looks like finværet can stay up until the middle of next week. Take the proviso that things may change, but the forecasts are quite clear that it shall be so, ” says his response.

SNOW: IN the North of Norway, there has been a particularly snowy winter. Now it appears that dry weather and warmer temperatures are on the way.

Photo: Sigmund Samuelsen / @sigsam1 the Sun as long as the weather forecast shows

In the langtidsvarselet to Yr get the large cities in Southern Norway, the sun from Thursday and into next week. In Northern Norway is colder, but for example Tromsø gets a long-awaited break from the snowweather. Tuesday showed Yrs snømålinger 165 centimeters snødybde in the Paris of the north.

Such is the prognosis for helgeværet in the largest cities:

Bergen: 10-11 degrees and no precipitation. Clear nights. Stavanger: 8-9 degrees and no precipitation. Clear nights. Kristiansand: 8 degrees and no precipitation. Partly cloudy. Fredrikstad: 9 degrees and no precipitation. Partly cloudy. Oslo: 10 degrees and no precipitation. Cloudy. Ålesund: 8-10 degrees and no precipitation. Clear nights. Trondheim: 5-6 degrees and no precipitation. Cloudy. Bodø: 5 degrees and no precipitation. Cloudy. Tromsø: 5 degrees and no precipitation. Cloudy.

Next week the forecast is even better for most of the places.


Nevertheless, one must be a little patient. For Tuesday and Wednesday and it reported everything other than the spring weather, before it will turn.

Hold out a couple of days, then you get sommerfølelsen. The next two days, there is a front that has to go through. It gets pretty low cloud cover, rain and drizzle, says his response.

– On the coast it will blow a southwest small wind exposed places, but in the mountains one can come up in a strong gale in the afternoon and evening.

DISTANCE: Even if the finværet can lure people out, people are asked to keep a distance. Here from Gamlehaugen in Bergen a spring day a few years ago.

Photo: Kamilla Pedersen / NRK Important to keep the distance

Even if the sun is shining outside, FHI previously understrekt that it still is important to keep a safe distance when one moves out.

One should keep the physical distance of two meters and do not gather in larger groups than five people, unless it applies to people who live together to common, the message from the health authorities.

Bergen has among other things introduced fjellvettregler to prevent koronasmitte among hikers.

Previously, namely the sun got turgjengere to forget both avstandsregler and other restrictions.

Director Siri Helene Hauge at FHI, said to NRK in march that it’s perfectly okay to trip out for those who can, as long as one keeps a distance.

People can and should certainly go out in the nice weather. The risk of becoming infected is less outdoors, but you should still keep your distance from other people to avoid infection, said Hauge.