Treåringen know very well what the virus is, but the parents seem not always it is as easy to explain to him why he can’t go in the nursery and play with friends about the day.

Emilio on eight years looking forward most to getting back to school, because then he gets to finally see his friends again.

– How do you envision that the first day will be?

If koronaviruset is gone, so I think it’s going to be a party.

But how shall we really talk with the children about the situation we are in right now? You need javascript to see the video.

But how shall we really talk with the children about the situation we are in right now?

There are many questions to be asked, and many parents have the last few weeks had to talk with their children about the virus.

But how are we going to actually talk with the children about the situation we are in right now?

Important to give children hope

Silja Kårstad that is psykologspesialist at the ministry of children and ungdomsklinikken at St. Olav’s Hospital, and who daily works with the child welfare and mental health for children and young people – highlights the importance of giving children hope.

She advises parents to give it to them in conversations with your children. An example she points to is the conversation about why they don’t get to be as much with his grandparents and his day.

Children may be concerned that the grandparents can be lonely, if they usual have a lot of contact, ” she says.

Kårstad says that it may be a good idea to talk with your children about things they can do to help others. It can both act to keep the distance, but also psychological contact through to call or to create drawings.

She points at the importance of to demonstrate that there is room to talk about any concerns you may have in the times we are in now.

– If you believe that you may have children who are worried about a bit so can, one might guess, one can say that it can, you might have thought a bit on that I’m going to be sick or your grandmother to be sick.

Must meet the grandparents at a distance,

good Luck miss to give the grandparents their a good hug.

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– You can tell the children that they must keep distance to his grandparents their otherwise, they can become sick.

And says that in the same conversation can talk with the children about how to stay in contact even if we don’t meet physically, something niåringen good Luck tried on with their grandparents.

– I have meet my grandparent on the beach – but with a two-metre distance, ” she says.

Happiness has to normal much contact with the grandparents, but it is especially the one thing she misses.

I miss to give them a good squeeze.

Brillebjørn at home

Brillebjørn-books work best when they resemble the most in life the children are living right now, thinks the author Ida Jackson.

Photo: Hedvig Kolboholen / Private

Since many parents of young children find it difficult to explain to their children why they do not get to meet friends and to be away from the nursery, decided Brillebjørn-author Ida Jackson to throw around.

– the individual in the adults at home suddenly mutters alone should explain something, then it is very nice to be able to use a story and say that it is not only you that must be home from the kindergarten, it must Brillebjørn also.

the Book “Brillebjørn are home from nursery even though he is not sick”, was written precisely for this purpose – to teach the youngest children more about koronaviruset.

– the Book reflects the everyday life we now experience, with an acute historiefortellingsvakum, as she herself likes to say.

– Ideally, I would come home to them and read aloud to the kids their, but I can’t do right now, so when I created an audiobook, which I hoped would turn an.

Until now, the sound file is downloaded more than 19 000 times.