Who is the best? Lionel Messi or Cristiano Ronaldo?

It is a discussion that can get many football fans up in the red field, but in reality there is not so much doubt.

certainly not, if we are to believe the brazilian Kaká, who was himself voted the world’s best footballer in 2007.

“I played with Cristiano in Real Madrid, red.), and he is really great, but I go with Messi.”

“He is a genius, pure talent. The way he plays is incredible,” says Kaká in a live video on fifa’s Instagram account.

He stresses, however, that he also is impressed by Cristiano Ronaldo – particularly on one point.

“Cristiano is a machine. It is not just the way in which he is strong, full of power and quick; he is also strong mentally.”

“He will always win and play. He WILL be the best. For me it is the most incredible thing he has,” says Kaká.

“In sportshistorien will they (Messi and Ronaldo, ed.) definitely be in the top five. We are very lucky to have seen both play,” added the brazilian.

In the same interview shall appoint the runner-up to Kaká another Ronaldo – the brazilian Ronaldo Luís Nazário de Lima – as the best he has played together with on the national team.

“I’ve played side by side with some great players in my career, but Ronaldo is the best.”

“After that, I would say Ronaldinho, which I played against many times, both in Milan and Real Madrid,” says Kaká.