Prince Harry and Meghan Markle son Archie

the 38-year-old Meghan Markle and 35-year-old Prince Harry is once again going to sue. This time — with the paparazzi. The reason for this was made by the reporters pictures of their year-old son, Archie, made with drones.

the lawsuit States that the couple’s child was photographed playing in the yard of their house in Los Angeles, where they were on the isolation. According to Megan and Harry, paparazzi used drones. The photos of Archie were sold and signed, indicating that the pictures were taken when the family was on a walk in Malibu. The couple claims that Archie was not in public, not to mention Malibu, and that these photos were taken in the backyard of their mansion.

Some of the paparazzi and the media had launched the drones just 20 feet over their house, sometimes three times a day to take photos of the couple and their young son in their private home. Some flew helicopters over the back yard of their home, starting at 5:30 am to 7:00 PM, while causing trouble for the neighbors and their son day by day. Others even made holes in the fence to look through it,

— said the couple’s lawyer Michael Kamp.

the Main complaint of spouses is that the photographers invaded the private life of their son. According to the lawyer of the couple, under California law, every person residing in the state are guaranteed the right to privacy in his home.

Any drones, helicopters or telephoto lenses may not deny this right. The Duke and Duchess of Sussex serves this lawsuit to protect the right of his young son to private life in his home without interference photographers, and to declassify and stop those who seek to benefit from these illegal actions,

he said.

as Megan and Harry didn’t know the identity of the photographer who took the photos, they sent the request to the right to find out who supposedly buys and sells pictures, and please convey to them all photos. They also seek damages, cover the cost of the lawyer and the judicial process.