Tests for alcoholism when obtaining a driver’s medical references will be introduced from January 1, 2021, rather than 1 July 2020. The corresponding order was signed by the Ministry of health. Late last year the changes were criticized by President Vladimir Putin, as the new texts could lead to serious rise in price of medical references. The Ministry of health decided to stay on the softer option: will not test all potential drivers, and only by the doctor-psychiatrist. At the time of entry of the order into force at the Ministry of health promised to provide and the testing engine.The Ministry of health signed the order №624н, preserving the existing procedure of examination of drivers and candidates for drivers (or obtain medical references) before January 1, 2021. On Friday have informed in a press-service.Read alienista was going to change the rules in October of 2019, entering a new mandatory test for alcoholism (using the test in the blood the presence of carbohydrate-deficient transferrin — CDT marker). Upon detection of a substance in a certain concentration of a citizen was sent to the hospital. Before the entry into force of the order revealed that new tests will lead to a multiple increase in the price of medical references (up to 3-5 thousand RUB in some regions), which across the country have queues of those wishing to pass the test even at the old prices. The order criticized the President, who recalled that more than 3 million people in Russia receive a salary of only 11.2 thousand rubles. the Ministry of health promptly postponed the entry into force of the order of July 1, 2020, promising to finalize the document.Now, the message of the Ministry of health and published on the project, expected a softer version, which will come into force on 1 January 2021. “It is permitted to use a wider range of methods for determining disorders associated with alcohol consumption, thus reducing the cost of such a study for citizens”,— explained in Department.The testing mechanism will be worked out within six months. “The draft order is in General supported by the expert community— said the Ministry of health.— During the public comment received a number of proposals that also deserve attention, study and consideration. To make the process of expert discussion, more detailed, and also to give time for the regions to fully ensure the readiness to conduct appropriate examinations, earlier order is maintained before January 1, 2021.”Ivan Buranov