In-depth medical examination of residents of the capital who have had coronavirus is included in the program of state guarantees of free medical care in Moscow. This was reported in the press service of Moscow Mayor Sergei Sobyanin, the resolution is published on the website.

The press service added that 850 million rubles will be allocated for conducting an in-depth diagnosis of the health of Muscovites.

The medical examination will take place in two stages. The first involves a therapist’s appointment and seven other studies. These include general and biochemical blood tests, saturation measurement and spirometry. Also, according to the indications, the doctor may prescribe a test with a six-minute walk. For those who have suffered from COVID-19 in severe or moderate form, other tests will determine the risk of thrombosis and the condition of the lungs.

Earlier, the mayor called the situation with COVID-19 in Moscow one of the best in the regions of Russia. Sobyanin noted that a decrease in morbidity and the number of hospitalizations is recorded daily in the capital. According to him, these indicators have decreased to the minimum values.